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My experience after marci release

After the recent marci release, I was suffering from Gaben and Icefrog wrath. Losing streaks and mmr dropping like waterfall. I just got RKO from archon 1 to crusader 3 due to this weird ass matchmaking system because I think valve stop caring about make the game better instead they just want to suck our money dry with the battle pass and drow's ASS. Its common to see one or two no brainers in your game right. But I have been seeing at least one person who is just jerking off or taking a dump during picking phase and choose ridiculous hero that did not match with the team synchronization (especially supports and offlaners(OFFLANERS)) or first pick pudge who afk or misses everysingle hook. I buy this year battle pass to please the dota 2 gods (but mostly to want to have that drow's ass) but it didn't work.I always question myself that is it my fault or their fault and can never get it.

FYI I am a versatile player and play most roles but I just focus on carry role when I play solo and yall can guess the reason why. I also feel that I can't keep up with newer patches. Before Marci release, my playstyle of carry is farm afk and just brawl out in late game. It works most of the time. Furthermore the supports gives me space and stacks for me. However, after the release I feel I cannot use this playstyle. I am feeling more of the LOL or ML(3 year old game) playstyles where you constantly teamfight and win in mid games. As I am in constant brawl and enemy just evading our triangle, I couldn't enough CS or networth to brawl in late game which is the also the reason I kept losing games. So I try to play mid, sometimes when I am keeping up or dominating the mid lane, I roam and kill the carries or making space for my sidelanes to breathe. It work! But in the early game. my carry and offlaner just can't abuse the space or farm fast enough to carry or dominate in team fight. Moreover, the teamfights are not utalize or synchronise properly unlike my enemy teams and I tell you they are fcking smooth in teamfight. Then I change to offlane, beating the shit out of the carry but guess what the other two lane LOSES. OK, I change to support roles, It didn't work either. Look I don't pick heroes that are not fit for the role (like PA offlane or riki offlane or maybe pudge), I played dazzle to babysit or SB to roam but it didn't work either, I don't know that my carry is scared or my offlaner is a idiot who can't initiate properly or maybe my midlaner who is always late in teamfight. But the most problem is the enemy team, I feel like I was playing against the pro team or TI contestant. Their offlaner pick riki and beat the shit out of us like with meteor hammer like my last SB game( I played really bad like really bad that game). My offlaner pick riki, farming in the lane for alot of game and trying to fight alone on enemy carry when the map was pitch black and die like an idiot.

I was mentally tired, I AM mentally tired. I try watching gameleaps, BSJ and Jenkins to try and learn my mistakes but it keep growing. I need suggestion and guides and mostly pray dota 2 gods to not mess with the matchmaking system and make the game feel more pleasant to play.


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