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My only complaint about Diretide: Prized Trunk of the Diretide being unmarketable

Content of the article: "My only complaint about Diretide: Prized Trunk of the Diretide being unmarketable"

I never liked the concept of exclusive, untradeable, unmarketable, non-giftable items, but there weren't many and they only happened during BP (at least since I started playing). This time, however, this chest is not only exclusive, but it is obtained via a random chance drop (to get the chest) on top of rolling so another random event (to get the item you want from the chest). It is basically impossible to get all the sets without non-stop playing during this event it seems. At least during BP you are guaranteed to get all the exclusive items (the arcanas/prestige/etc and cavern sets) via paying and playing enough, no randomness involved. Not to mention it's so suss that they didn't mention this treasure in the Diretide website page. They do mention the treasure itself, but the way it is presented, I literally thought it was the treasure that you opened to get the other treasure or the ghostly effects or courier/wards. I don't even know why this separate treasure was needed when the main treasure has like a billion sets.

Don't get me wrong, I don't care that much this time because all the sets from this chest are kind of lame, but I don't really want to see more exclusive items moving forward in new events (frostivus and new bloom for instance or even subsequent diretides) and especially not exclusive items based on randomness. It's already enough we're forced to play a lot during BP in order to finish cavern (which was double the playtime required this year), I don't want to be forced to play for exclusive items all year round. As much as I love this game, I hate being forced to play it to get an item I want. Rather just buy it from the market if I don't have time to play because of work or whatever. It should always be the case, IMO, that you should be able to get the items you want from playing if you have time or paying if you have to work instead.

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Maybe I am overreacting, but this is a post Genshin video game world guys, who knows how Western companies will react to the success gacha seems to have in the West now too. Sure, we've always had rolling in Valve games, but personally I think it needs to become less gacha-like, and more what the Netherlands is doing with the anti-gambling laws, and not more randomness. I'm all for the anti-gambling legislation, I know a few MPs are talking about it in the UK too. It's pretty clear-cut, black and white, non-debatable that this is 100% gambling and as much as I don't care about law/legal matters usually, kids really shouldn't have access to
actual gambling that involves real-world money lol. You keep reading about those cases of some kid spending 1000s of dollars worth on some gacha game without their parents realising lol. It's even more random-based than traditional gambling games like poker which involves some skill as well.

We always complain about stuff and then as soon as new shiny hats come out, everyone thanks Valve and forgets about everything else they did wrong lol.

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tl;dr – less randomness for loot Valve, or at least options to pay for it in exchange for avoiding the randomness. Don't care about it this time, but rather not keep having random-based exclusive rewards moving forward.


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