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My QOP guide to win (solo or not) lvl5 labyrinth

Content of the article: "My QOP guide to win (solo or not) lvl5 labyrinth"

Since the update that added QOP in the event I've been helping players to win lvl4/5. I solo the entire lvl in lvl3,lvl4 and lvl5 with this build but I recommed you to work with your team because it's easier.

Note: Idk the specific names from any talent but you will know wich I'm talking about.

Talents(gonna reference the main talents as 1,2,3):

  1. The best talent is the one that cast Shadow Strike in enemies between your blink, if you get this talent you already won.
  2. The best talent to combo with is the one that cast E after the shadow strike effect expire (if you didnt get talent 1 , this talent is still good if with your lvl20 AOE Q or the shadow strike bounce talent).
  3. the life+mana steal talent is good too, if you manage to get talents 1,2,3 you're a immortal god in the game(this talent is good with the blink+E talent too).
  • If you didnt get talent 1 or 2, pick the cast E at the start and end of blink and pick +dmg for E talents, its not that good of a build but still possible to win.
  • And if you still only got shit talents, don't worry you're gonna struggle in normal levels but you're still strong in the final boss.
  • Never pick Ult talents, your ult is useless and you never use it because it's a waste of mana.


Boots -> Octarine -> Euls -> kaya -> bkb -> sage -> Ex machina -> tarrasque

  • You can dodge spell steal with Eul (try cast when is 2.4s because it's not reliable to use in the end)
  • Bkb is good always specially in the final boss after he's in phase 2.
  • Ex machina is really good to have 2x bkb and euls
  • Ex machina can be replaced with the -20%CD reduction item or that arrow that makes you invunerable for 3s but only if you're poor.
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Try to buy +dmg for Q and E and %CD recuction for blink in the shop

Buy life when you're with 0 and not poor.


If you start with a Q talent (best):


if you start with a E talent:

W/E/E/W/W/E/W/E/Q/Q/Q/Q/same after this


  • Not hard, just blink the most you can.
  • If you have the 1 talent, you don't have to use Q because it's 140mana in 1 target while blink applies Q in every enemie in the path and cost 60 mana, when you solo saving mana is important.
  • The main reason that I started to play QOP its because I suck in trap levels, so use Blink before you become a courier to get a advantage, try to be the first one going in the trap level


  • Always pick Elite levels before 2nd boss, doenst matter if its life and all your friend are 3 life already, the talents can be so good that they can win the game for you if you're lucky.
  • After 2nd boss is where QOP is more OP because you're with a lot of damage, the only level you need to avoid in Phoenix.
  • The first 2 boss are easy, save blink for Timber ult and if all your team is dead in Omni, focus only 1 omni and blink far away when the second keeps ulting.
  • Both 2nd bosses are really easy with QOP, just keep blinking and using bkb+eul when you need
  • You can solo almost all levels so I'm gonna talk about the ones that are hard to solo: Pudge lvl,Techies lvl,Dragon Knight lvl,phoenix lvl, Clumsy levels are hard if you dont have bkb or eul, deadly+chilling is dangerous so stay aways from enemies.
  • In the final boss try to save mana using only your blink (if u have the 1 talent ir the blink+E talent), use Eul only for the spellsteal and use BKB for spears and the Missiles if you have to solo it's gonna take some time.
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TL;DR: pick the talent that cast Q in enemies between your blink; Octarine->Euls->BKB; pick +Q/E dmg or -%CD for Blink talents; just keep using blink and don't die, ez.


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