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My take of: RAVENHOOK


Carry, Disabler, Nuker, Support


Ravenhook is an agility hero that revolves around acquiring gold rather faster than anyone in the game. With his skillset, he is able to dish out high amounts of damage while simultaneously proficient at earning, and stealing, gold from his enemies. Using TRANSMUTE, Ravenhook can disable an enemy with a golden energy of power. Once an enemy is afflicted by it, he and his allies may unite by collectively assaulting the hapless enemy; the attacks then make nougats of gold to be dropped by the enemy, in which Ravenhook and his team may relish upon. GOLDENSTRIKE is an ability that requires gold to be impactful. Once toggled, it consumes gold from Ravenhook, which in return enhances his next attack to deal devastating pure damage to his opponents. He can also displace an enemy using by pulling it closer with his Hooked Chain of PILFERAGE, while also stealing gold and satisfies the Winged Crook’s hunger for wealth. Ravenhook lives by his title, and with his ultimate GOLDMONGER’S MARK, he can mark an enemy hero with a simple attack. A percentage of the marked target’s gain by gold is unjustly transferred to Ravenhook himself.

Starting health: 625

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Starting mana: 560

Base MS: 310

Base attack time: 1.1

Beginning armor: 7

Beginning magic resistance: 9%

Strength gain: 18 (0.8)

Agility gain: 22 (1.2)

Intelligence gain: 16 (0.6)


Transmute – Ravenhook sends out a golden projectile towards the target direction. The projectile travels up to 1,000 units with 600 movement speed and grants 400 radius vision along its journey. Any enemy hero the projectile hits are damaged by 100/160/220/280 magic damage and are stunned for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. Hero attacks against the affected enemy deals additional 10/15/20/25 magic damage and drop Gold Fragments near it. An affected enemy may only drop up to 4/6/8/10 Gold Fragments which can be acquired by Ravenhook and his ally heroes by walking over them. These Gold Fragments grant the acquirers 20 Gold.

The projectile will pass over creeps.

Vision lingers for 3 seconds after the projectile’s travel time.

Gold Fragments cannot be interacted by anyone besides Ravenhook and his ally heroes.

This ability does not pierce spell immunity.

Cast range: 1,000 units

Mana cost: 120 mana

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 seconds


Goldenstrike – Upon toggling, Ravenhook spends 60 gold per second to gain a charge on this ability, maximum of 8 charges may store at once. His next attack will consume all stored charges, dealing bonus 12/18/24/30 pure damage per charge and will slow the attack target by 50% for 1.2/2/2.8/3.6 seconds.

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This ability cannot be toggled off when silenced or stunned.

The damage can pierce spell immunity.

Charges are indicated or shown in the ability icon.

Gold acquired from this ability is Unreliable Gold.

Scepter Upgradeable: Attack splashes 100% in a 180 radius AoE around the target.

Pilferage – Ravenhook throws out his Chained Hook towards the target enemy. Upon latching, he pulls the target 120/150/180/210 units closer to him, damaging the enemy by 80/110/140/170 magic damage and stealing 45/55/65/75 Gold from it that will be acquired once the chain returns back to Ravenhook. If the target is near enough Ravenhook, he can potentially displace the target behind him.

Gold acquired from this ability is Unreliable Gold.

Cast range: 400/475/550/625 units

Mana cost: 75/80/85/90 mana

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds


Goldmonger’s Mark – When off cooldown, Ravenhook’s next basic attack will mark an enemy hero for 15 seconds. An enemy with Goldmonger’s Mark is sighted & revealed, have its armor reduced by 5/6/7, and 30/40/50% of all Gold it gains (kills, shared gold, item selling) are transferred to Ravenhook instead. When the affected enemy dies under this effect, it drops a greater Gold Fragment that grants 200/250/300 Gold.

Only one enemy may be affected with Goldmonger’s Mark at once.

Goldmonger’s Mark debuff can be dispelled by any type of dispel.

Gold acquired from this ability is Unreliable Gold.

Gold Fragment can only be acquired by Ravenhook.

Cooldown: 20 seconds

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LVL. 25 +1.8s Transmute stun or 30% lifesteal

LVL. 20 40% cleave or Undispellable Goldmonger’s Mark

LVL. 15 30 attack speed or +50 Pilferage damage

LVL. 10 15% magic resistance or 5 All stats

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