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Myrkalfr the Witchforge King

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Myrkalfr is an melee hero with a crit, a steroid, a disable and a short invis skill. He looks a bit like a traditional Strength carry/support character like Sven or Alchemist, but I haven't decided if it would be cooler to make him an Intelligence hero yet. Sorry for the formatting, I haven't posted here in a while.

Myrkalfr is the former king of Lavaheim, crowned by the nobles of it's Guild-Cabals in recognition of his transcendental mastery of occult manufacture, before being cast out by the same treacherous aristocrats for his own scheming, murderous nature. Now he plots in the mist-soaked caverns of the Grymwyrd Mountains, and sells his divine crafting skills to those with treasure enough to catch his eye. There are not many, though, with balls brass enough to approach the Charred King when he hammers wildly at his forge, cacklilng madly, the ringing music and strange sparklight filling the dank catacombs with otherwordly pandemonium.

Myrkalfr is tall and thin. He walks with a limp and a hunch, dragging his long-handled hammer behind him or using it as a walking stick. He uses this hammer in his Hex Hammer attack, and to forge his sword during his Bloodforge ultimate animation, but his regular attacks are done with his sword in his left hand. The sword is not of fine make – it is like a random hunk of metal that Myrkalfr has beaten and beaten until one of it's pitted edges has become razor sharp. He wears tattered finery, like a once-sumptuous cape now threadbare, and his hands glitter with the many rings of precious stones he wears. His skin is a charred, papery black and through the cracked seams in his skin a red forge light shines through.

Q) Hex Hammer

Myrkalfr swings his hammer in a melee attack that crits and deals bonus Pure damage while also stealing MP from a hit enemy.

CRIT: 140/170/200/230% BONUS DAMAGE:75/100/125/150 MP STOLEN:75/100/125/150 COOLDOWN: 17/13/9/5 MP COST: 25

Myrkalfr's forge hammer has collected much residue of the dark arcana he smiths into his occult fabrications. Imparting some of this cursed energy into his foes grants Myrkalfr a cruel satisfaction.

W) Mistling Ring

Myrkalfr activates his runic ring to turn invisible and gain temporary HP.

HP GAINED: 90/160/230/300 BUFF DURATION: 5/7/9/11 STEALTH DURATION: 5/7/9/11 COOLDOWN: 15 MP COST: 150

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Though he forged it for the Mistlingsaga clan, the ring's unique abilities proved too tempting for Myrkalf, and it was kept, hidden by him, for decades. And hidden it must be kept, for the unfaithful ring calls out seductively to any who see it, though it's true will-fortifying might can only be wielded by someone capable of forsaking love entirely just for the ring's power.


Myrkalf targets an area within 300 units and plants a post there. The nearest enemy hero to the post (within 300 units of the post) is leashed to the post and disarmed for the duration of the leash.

LEASH DURATION: 2.5/2.75/3/3.25 LEASH RADIUS: 400 COOLDOWN: 20/17/14/11 MP COST: 150

Myrkalfr forged these bindings to trap and muzzle a great, monstrous animal at the request of divine patrons. When the beast made a better offer than the gods, Myrkalfr kept both their payments and now finds further use for the shackles.


Enemies that die near Myrkalfr give him stacks of Blood, 1 per creep death and 5 per hero death, to a maximum of 4/7/10. Activating this ability plays a short animation of Myrkalfr beating his sword with his hammer, forging the captured energy into his blade, and he turns stacks of Blood into stacks of Blade Witchery, at a 1:1 ratio. Myrkalfr may continue to gain stacks of Blood when he has stacks of Blade Witchery. Activating this ability while Myrkalfr currently has stacks of Blade Witchery will keep transferring stacks of Blood to stacks of Blade Witchery and refreshes the duration of Blade Witchery stacks. Blade Witchery stacks share a timer. Blade Witchery stacks grant attack damage and attack speed, and cap at 15/20/25, so it will always take Myrkalfr multiple uses of Bloodforge to hit the cap.


Of all his bizarre arcane artisanal skills, the knowledge of weaving the essence of blood and death into supernaturally lethal sword skill is Myrkalfr's most wicked and insane.

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Myrkalfr's auto attacks are ungainly and wild. He's a tall, lanky, deformed man, and he swings his clunky sword wildly. Every attack throws too much of his body weight into it. And then he beats his sword twice (the animation for activating his ultimate, Bloodforge) and forges his sword, and himself, into straighter, more precise killing machines. He stands tall and walks without leaning on his hammer while his ult is active, and his sword glows with the mixture of Blood magic and Blade Witchery. His attacks become accurate and athletic, almost fencer-ly, but still brutal. His Hex Hammer animation changes too. Normally it is a giant overhead swing, slamming down on his foe with all his hunchback might, but while Bloodforged it becomes a lateral swing, as if he's precisely swinging at his opponent's head.

The game plan is to charge up before and during fights with Bloodforge, adding stacks of Blood by killing things, then continuously converting them to deadly Blade Witchery stacks, giving you inevitability in longer battles. The animation for Bloodforge should be awesome and intimidating, and Dota's sound design is so epically amazing that they should have an awesome time finding a really iconic forging sound effect. When you see Myrkalfr activating this ability more than once per combat, it should feel serious.

And Myrkalfr should be able to sustain himself through skirmishes with his incredible swiss army knife skill, the Mistling Ring. It's a glimmer cape and a heal, kind of! The temporary HP represent the One Ring giving you a rush of power when you use it. It feels like a really cool escape and initiation tool, and really aids in survival. Myrkalfr player should be able to play kind of Slark-y, and be able to weave in and out of fights while maintaining a buff. And Hex Hammer helps give Myrkalfr the mana to do that, because stealing mana is a witchy thing to do.

So I think heavy spell use and this kind of play style justifies making Myrkalfr an Intelligence hero. And Intelligence melee carries should be pretty cool, and a goddamn deformed lava elf witch king is pretty fucking cool. Even though he feels very strongly like an Alchemist to me, and he is reknowned for his excellent smithery, which implies Strength, in the end I think it's just cooler to make him Intelligence and to emphasize his wicked craftiness both as a character and as a rules object. Similarly to Void Spirit, of course.

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