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Need Advice for Legend / Ancient games.

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Hello, DotA 2 veteran here. After taking a break of 2 years I've picked DotA 2 back up and have been playing Ranked. I've dropped about 1000 MMR from 4500 (Divine 1 peak) to 3500 (Legend V current) from placements and playing Ranked this past month.

What I'm really struggling with is my teams do not seem to know how to play with momentum. Even if we net an early lead they default to farming our jungle and letting them enemy come back through farming and pick offs. Most games feel as though the enemy drafts 4-5 core lineups and wins by out scaling my team.

When I play support I try to urge my team to play for the mid game and outpace the enemy, but its too difficult coordinating 3~4k mmr players to win fast. I try my best to play actively on the map, but even if I get my team to participate the enemy teams core heavy line up just farms an advantage and eventually my abilities become meaningless to the arsenal of items the enemy has. This is compounded by the reactive play style my teammates naturally adopt, letting the enemy pick fights and determine the motion of the game.

When I play core I soak up as much farm as possible, being top net worth on my team easily and often in the game. I play heads up, making space on the map through lane pushing and looking for fights that lead to objectives. Unfortunately, when it comes to 50 minute fights, three enemy heroes all jumping me in team fights with no save mechanisms from my team ends in only one manner: my death. It isn't an issue of positioning or otherwise, its more equivalent to a stream roller just over running my team.

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My question is how do I guarantee wins in this bracket? I've been slowly but steadily losing MMR from Ancient 2 (placed) to Legend IV (lowest). While I do net wins, I'd estimate my W/L is close to 40~45%. My biggest success is in playing traditional support without being greedy, but even then I estimate my win rate isn't as high as I'd want it to be. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.


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