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New ability steal

With rubick and morphping we have two heroes who can use the spells of their enemies. I always thought this mechanic is really cool.

so i think having a new hero (let’s call him passivo for now) being able to use not the active, but instead the passives of the enemy heroes would really be an interesting addition to the game. that‘s why i came up with different ideas how this could be implemented:

1) the passive stealing passive: whenever passivo kills an enemy hero he gets the passive of this enemy on the level it’s currently at. this ability concept would obviously be good on a snowballing hero with kill potential. a problem with this version is, that it wouldn‘t do anything before you kill an enemy. that‘s why i think it should have a second part to it. on one hand it could be part of an ultimate ability and have an active that really helps you secure kills on enemies. on the other, it could be a basic passive ability that helps you get into the position to be able to kill enemies, so it boosts your exp gain or gives stats that allow you to roam (for example ms and a passive on hit slow). this version would probably scale based on the duration you keep the passives.

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2) the passive stealing active: this would allow to choose more freely between the passives on your enemy team. it would probably make sense if this is an actual steal, so when you take the passives from a target, it applies a break to it. this version should scale based on uptime, so either up the duration or lower the cd when leveling the skill further.

3) the mirror aura: i imagine this one as a passive aura or form changing active on a long cd ultimate ability. the idea is that whenever an enemy hero is near you, you copy their passives and a small portion of a stat, for example base dmg or max-hp-%, based on whether this hero is more of a tank or more of a carry. this one would be interesting because you could potentially gain the passives of multiple enemies at the same time. at first this sound pretty op, but by making it an aura, you give the enemy the option to just split up and have more control over which abilities they actually give you on fights.

4) the autoattack-modifier: i think this one would give the most flexibility in choosing which passive to steal. the idea is simple, as long as you attack the enemy, you gain their passives, values could be for 2/4/6/8, so early on, you really only have it while you are hitting the enemy and later on you can hit the enemy you want the passive from every few seconds in a fight. while this allows you to switch between passives very fast and probably gives the potential for insane plays, it would also mean that you can only use the passive against the hero you get it from, because if it dies early in a fight or it isn‘t around, you won‘t have the passive of your desired target.

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i am aware that this type of ability can become op pretty fast, so it‘d need careful balancing, but this type of ability should really make an interesting addition to the game and maybe provide a nice counterpick to certain heroes. i also think a hero with this type of ability would really add to the drafting mindgame.


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