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Non gameplay advices to increse mmr gain

Just some things i tell my student which they find pretty helpful so i want to share it with u guys as well:

  • duoque. If u have a friend at the same mmr duoqueue. U get only 20 +/- but u will win much more since u get matched with only soloqueue most of the time (no one seems to know that there is an option for strict solomatchmaking – only affects ur team anyway tho) U will win more because there is no way 2 randomes win vs 3 friends in VC. If u duoqueue only play roles with direct relation and always one support and one core. For exanple:

  • Pos 1 and Pos 5

  • Pos 2 and Pos 4

  • Pos 3 and pod 4



  • mute allchat. There is no advantage in communicating with the opponent

  • add sorry/whoops to ur chat wheel and spam it when ever u mess up.

  • use a good mic and use short polite calls over voice.

  • accept that ur teammates are bots who sometimes listen to calls. If not well see it as code error. Try bot to improve their item or skill builds. Won't work. If u flame them it gets worse. If the enemy has the better bots. Well unlucky u u just have to try even harder.

  • Look what ur team wants to play. If u see someone howering over pudge ban him if u still can. Will safe u mmr. Same with techies. Prioritise pudge

  • just first pick if ur hero doesn't care much about matchup or counters are banned.

  • always first pick as pos 4 or 5. Not required (from my perspective as immortal) but ur teammate think it is and will rather random than pick before supports sometimes.

  • if u queue as 5 stack think about picks before queueing…u will not have time in the pick phases (Same with roles if ur not playing ranked roles)


  • after a winningstreak of more than 4-5 games switch to unranked until u lost more than 2game sin a row. Works wonders. Not sure up to this date if its psychological or really something with tve matchmaking. But it works.

  • look at matchups. Spamm more than 2 less than 6 heros with different matchups. Do not counter pick urself.

  • play ur roles not ur lane. (Medusa and alch are nice in mid but trash as mid for example)

  • if ur teammate steals ur role report them. Than play their role. (Bonus points if he fucks up big time it look worse on overwatch. A hard support wraithking feeding is different to a pos 1 wk dying in lane)

  • mute every toxic guy. Do not excuse urself more than over Chat wheel. They will feel justified in their rage.

  • Congratulate ur team on good fights/plays.

  • if u encounter a smurf report him. Than still try ur best (rlly. Do not give up but tryhard even more) and later on watch the replay on how he fucked u. Copy it. If it works vs u it will work on ur opponents in the future

  • if u have a smurf in ur team report him. Than try to enable him as much as possible. Its still free mmr.

  • if u recalibrate do not play solo. It makes no difference. Play duo or as 5. What ever u like more. (I always suggest duo)

  • look on heros winrates in ur bracket. Take the best for each role and than look up guide how people play them at a higher level. Copy it. The combination will ensure ur mire mmr than just copying divine+ meta mist of the time since ur games are wastly different.

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Edit: ok a bit gameplay is in here. But u know what i mean


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