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Normalized naming for pro players

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I originally posted this in the competitive match thread, but someone said it should have it's own post so here it is.

I've been watching pro gaming/esports since before Justin.TV, i've probably watched more games than i've played in the last 5-6 years. Dota2 is the only game i've seen that has this issue recently.. lots of games had it and they sorted it out many many years ago. If you're going to claim the title of "professional" at any thing you should act like it.

As a casual player who watches way more dota2 than I play.. why the fuck aren't names normalized in this game? Every single esports in existence enforces normalized names on their pro players.

If your name is Ace, and you play for OG.. why the fuck would your name be anything other than OG.Ace?

Why is it left up to the viewer to figure out that every time a caster says "Ace" they mean the guy named "K.Xtku38>>hAhA"? How long do you think it would take a new viewer to figure out who the fuck Arteezy is with his ridiculously stupid in game tag? Especially when you have pro NA players running around on completely different teams with the guild tag "RTZ". Then you have the teams that have 5 players on the same team and not a one of them has the same fucking guild tag? C9.Sneyking? k1 = hector? I just had a pro stream up earlier where someone was named "slow down".

I'm old enough to remember where the Counter-Strike players all had their real name AND their nick in their names.

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Dota2 viewing interface is already bad enough with the player names not being listed next to their portraits/HP bars etc. If a caster says your name, and you are not on the screen currently, I probably have no fucking idea what hero they are talking about unless I am intimately familiar with that one team, all its members, and what positions they play.

Add on to that the casters get a player name list to use, and then flip a coin whether that name even exists in the game or not?

I'm sure this will probably get downvoted and people will play it off as minor, but when you are trying to get people to watch your game as a sport this shit matters. Keep that in mind next time you're complaining about how your viewership is low. This is the most basic of basic shit. If you want fans you need to have identifiable professionals not loli avatars and meme names.

edit: Someone mentioned casters using dota1 names for heroes as well, and that too is a problem. That one I see as more of an accidental occasional thing. I haven't seen any casters intentionally using all the dota1 names for heroes but maybe I just haven't seen it.


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