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Nwyrntytyr – The Bonehunter

Hailing from the deserts west of Xhacatocatl, the Bonehunters brave the hostile wastelands to hunt the legendary beasts that dwell within. Strygwyr's reports of mysterious beasts have piqued the interest of one of this legendary order, who joins the battlefield to slay these ancient and inhuman terrors for the glory of Xhacatocatl and visit the love of the Flayed Twins unto these battlefields sadly deprived of gore.


Blood Tranquility

While active, damage taken by Nwyrntytyr is increased by 40%. However, successfully dealing damage to enemy heroes dispels them, then applies a debuff that reduces their armor & magic resistance.

  • Type: Self Buff, Debuff on Hit.

  • Mana Cost: 25

  • Cooldown: 18s

  • Self Duration: 9s

  • Enemy Duration: 6s

  • Magic Resistance Reduction: 5/10/15/20%

  • Armor Reduction: 3/4/5/6

  • Cast Point: 0.2|0.0

Maddened rage is not a luxury one can afford on the wastes. The Bonehunters' fury is channeled into awakening the hunger of the earth, uniting all into a transcendent state of gore.


Nwyrntytyr blesses an area. While active, any hp lost by enemies within is increased by a percentage of their strength. This has a proc delay, similar to Invoker's Cold Snap.

  • Type: Target Area, Affects Enemies

  • Cooldown: 15s

  • Mana Cost: 100

  • Cast Range: 1500

  • Effect Delay: 2.6s

  • Effect Radius: 600 units

  • Duration: 9s

  • Damage:(Pure) 2/3/4/5% of the affected heroes' Str

  • Proc Cooldown: 0.9s

  • Cast Point: 0.3|0.63

The Earth thirsts beneath their feet.

Blood Mirage

Nwyrntytyr makes an offering of blood to spawn an illusion with an aura that buffs allied evasion and lifesteal. Nwyrntytyr can reactivate this skill to swap places with the illusion at the cost of 2 seconds of Cooldown on this spell.

  • Type: Self Damage, Spawn Strong Illusion, Aura

  • Cooldown: 20s

  • Mana Cost: 150

  • Self Damage:(pure) 300

  • Illusion HP: 1.2/1.7/2.2/2,7x the self damage recieved.

  • Illusion Damage: 40/60/80/100%

  • Ilusion Damage Taken: 200%

  • Illusion Aura Radius: 900

  • Aura Evasion: 11/14/17/20%

  • Aura Lifesteal: 10%

  • Illusion Lifetime: 20s

  • Max Swaps Per Cast: 1/2/3/4

  • Cast Point: 0.5|0.2

The Desert's heat plays tricks with the eyes and drives one to ravenous thirst.

Ult: Blood Atlatl

Nwyrntytyr casts a javelin forward, damaging and inflicting a DoT on enemies it passes through.

  • Type: Target Point, Affects Enemies

  • Cooldown: 80s

  • Mana Cost: 200

  • Range: 2000

  • Collision Radius: 65

  • Travel Speed: 1600

  • Damage:(magical) 325/500/675

  • Bleed: 27/45/63/s

  • Bleed Duration: 4/7/10s

With skill, a simple spear slays even the most terrifying of beasts


Shard: Blood Trance

Silence yourself to restore mana and hp based on the life lost by enemies nearby. Non-hero units are worth 20%.

  • Cooldown: 40s

  • HP Restored: 25%

  • MP Restored: 10%

  • Duration: 5s

  • AoE: 800 units

The Bonehunters' mastery of blood extends to their own, allowing them to endure the freezing cold and blazing heat, to recover from injuries that would cripple unskilled warriors for a lifetime, and to contemplate the benevolence of The Flayed Twins.

Scepter: Bone Trophy

Upon killing an enemy hero (max once per enemy player per kill) Nwyrntytyr gains a Trophy. At the cost of 2 Trophies and 30% of Nwyrntytyr's current hp, the next skill or item cast has its CD reduced by 80%, and Nwyrntytyr gains spell immunity during the cast animation.

  • Trophy Capacity: 10



Blood Atlatl attacks affected enemies on initial hit25+30% Blood Tranquility Enemy Damage Taken
+2% Exsanguinate Str dmg20+50% Blood Mirage HP & Duration
+10% Blood Mirage Aura Lifesteal15+150 Exsanguinate Area Radius
+4s Blood Atlatl Bleed Duration10Blood Tranquility grants self+25% movement speed


Agi25 + 3.4
Base Dmg47-53
Magic Resistance17%
Turn Rate0.8
Attack Animation0.5/0.6
Attack Range150(M)
Vision Range1300/1200


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