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OD 7.28b Update Round 2

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I've been playing OD (Outworld Destroyer, someone asked so I had to fix) a ton the last few days (one of my favorite heroes in the past, love the versatility of his Astral), and I've tried a LOT of builds over the last 3 days. Thanks to numerous redditors after my first post (thank you!) I tested a lot of the most popular OD builds including Meteor Hammer, Witch Blade, fast Scythe, fast Pike, etc, and 24 games later I've come away with a lot of new insights that ppl here might find useful.

Sidenote: If you plan to play OD, don't forget to ban out Nyx.

Current OD setup (primarily pos 3 or 4, though I discuss mid in the comments section):

Lvls 1-9: Q, E, W, E, E, R, E, W, W (1/3/4/1)

The early 1st point in Q is because his last hitting with Q is absurd. Q uses 20% of current mana, not total mana, so you will ALWAYS be able to last hit with it when it's off cooldown. Even though damage diminishes as mana is spent, 30-40 pure dmg can even out-compete a Treant for last hits, nevertheless 65-100 pure damage when early mana is restored by your E. Lvl 3 W is a value point to save your lane partner, or set up things like Mirana arrow or Snapfire cookie.

Alternative: Q, E, W, E, Q, R, E, W, W (2/3/3/1)

You'll find that many last hit timings are less than 4 seconds apart, which can become frustrating if you aren't managing the creep wave well, are under pressure, or are simply too reliant on Q for last hits. A second point in Q drops that cooldown to 3 making last hits easier to secure, but remember that adding points into Q has ZERO effect on the hit damage of Q. Points in Q only reduce its cooldown.

Alternative 2: W, E, Q, E, W, R, W, W, E (1/4/3/1)

This build is for players who are supporting their lane partner. Max W by lvl 8 for that 360 damage every 12 seconds. Use on their core right before they can last hit to really piss them off. Throw in a Q as Astral ends and you'll be dropping ~500 damage on a single target every 12 seconds without end since your mana is basically infinite. Support OD can really make a carry's lane feel impossible.

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I build 2 Nulls + Wind Lace + Treads (370 movespeed), and continue using Q for last hits. More points in E basically just means more pure damage more of the time. Don't be afraid to use Q on the enemy as well, smacking them with 80+ pure damage once every 4 seconds is a great deterrent early and will cost them a ton of regen if they are not careful. More often than not the enemy either can't farm in my lane, or they rotate a 3rd to stop us. If that happens, do your best to Astral the biggest threat and walk away. OD is a very fast hero with 325 base movespeed.

Level 9 OD with 2 nulls + treads + wind lace and nothing else has 1071 mana. Nulls spell amp increases the Q pure damage from 16% to 17% of mana pool. Lvl 4 E gives you an average of ~75% mana pool at all times, which is an average +136.55 pure damage on top of 108 physical damage when Q is used.

OD has >7 armor at lvl 1, and Witch Blade +6 armor makes us even thiccer early on. WB + Treads clears up our attack speed issues. This build will get a bit more attack speed from Pike + Scythe Agility, but going heavily into attack speed from here feels a bit too glass cannon-y imo. There might be a hilarious build involving Hex, R-click with EBlade attack speed, E-Blade –> Ult that I'm only just thinking about now as I write this, but I don't honestly think this would be good in a real match (just meme-y). If you REALLY need attack speed then I would rather look at Swift Blink Dagger, but even then I might rather have Arcane Blink? I'd love to know if anyone has messed around with these items.

Next item is Force Staff. This thing has saved me more than any other item in this list, and is a great pickup before BKB. You can choose to go BKB next if needed, but if I think I can get away with skipping BKB a little longer, I build Scythe. BKB after Scythe or finish Hurricane Pike, whichever feels most important in your game.

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Finally I've really enjoyed having Bloodstone last item. Bloodstone spell amp adds +2.1% to the 16% damage of your Q, and is itself basically another lvl 25 Orb talent. By this point I've likely reached lvl 25 and taken the 30% spell lifesteal talent. Hex to stop BKBs before they go off + major mana and HP from Bloodstone usually kills players before Hex ends. If you've been following the items in this post you'll be able to get 5 attacks off before Hex ends, each hitting for ~600 pure damage. If you know that they wont die before Hex ends, Astral them as Hex is ending –> Ult to secure the kill before they can BKB. Bloodstone heal + spell lifesteal + spell lifesteal talent + bloodstone spell lifesteal amp = very hard to kill, and by this point the 550-650 pure damage per hit is quickly refilling my health.

End-game stats with Hex, Pike, Witch Blade (can and should be exchanged after getting 6-slot), BKB, Bloodstone, and Treads lvl 30 is 4025 HP, 3504 Mana, 25 Armor. I can see Skadi or Shivas being useful items to sell Witch Blade for, and Swift Blink could also be fun. Lotus Orb is very good as well, giving reflection, 10 armor, and 250 flat mana pool.

Octarine Core gives 25% CDR and +725 mana which is obviously good, though I only REALLY like Octarine Core with Aghs Scepter because the CDR makes it possible to chain-Astral a target for 12 seconds straight. It's not easy to pull off the 12-second chain Astral in a team fight, because the enemy will try to shut you down FAST if their carry is being isolated, but catching a player with chain astral while your team rotates to help feels almost evil, lol, and gives you a ton of mana to prepare for the enemy response. I did not find a good use for Aghs Shard and at this time do not recommend it.

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