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Last major patch, we were blessed with new items, especially the Aghanim's Shard, which is a cheap alternative to Aghanim's Scepter, and opens a huge pool of new abilities and upgrades. Unfortunately, I find Ogre Magi's Aghanim's Upgrade a bit underwhelming. It's just Lich's Frost Shield + Lotus Orb, only that it's significantly less impactful and buffing the stats simply won't make it even more impactful. Other than a damage barrier, the fire aspect is kinda weak. I often save my gold for other utility items since they are pretty much worth the investment in the long run. And the fire theme of Ogre Magi is overused with 4 spells being fire-based, which makes it a bit too cliche. So, this Aghanim's Shard Upgrade focuses more on giving luck to allies as well as to him. I give you:

LUCK LUST (Aghanim’s Shard)

Ogre Magi casts a luck spell that provides a 60% chance for an ally to cast a basic spell twice. Ogre Magi automatically receives the buff when casted to an ally, which assures that every basic spell he casted procs twice. The spell itself cannot be multicasted.

Cast Range: 600
Multicast Radius: 700
2x Multicast Chance (Allies): 60%
2x Multicast Chance (Self): 100%
Duration: 15

■75 □18

The Goddess of Luck blessed the Ogre Twins, spreading luck to their kinships and friends.

Ability Type: Active/Toggle
Target Type: Unit Target

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This is a pretty solid allied buff that benefits both him and the allies. The fact that having an assurance of casting your abilities twice and that his chosen ally also has a chance to proc its basic spells twice is surely a wonderful thing. Just imagine Dazzle being able to cast Shallow Grave or Poison Touch twice! Or being able to cast Fissure twice or PA throwing 6 knives in total! It might be a bit broken, but it's chance-based so who knows! But the thought of me, an ally having that crazy luck buff will basically invigorate my will to play further.


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