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Ogre magi, pos 5 support meta, and hero pool

I'm trying to figure out if Ogre is strong or not and how exactly to get the most out of him, in pos 5 role specifically.

Why is he not picked in pro games? I think of him as a lane bully.. Are there just better options like undying for that?

I see high mmr (divine/imortal) players take lvl 1 stun, then two in ignite, then max stun. Seems like the 1.5 second stun lvl 1 lets him close the distance.. How would you push a lvl 1-3 ogre to the max in lane? Lets pretend your pos 1 is just fighting enemy 3 for cs. And you are kinda dancing with the pos 4 on the side/trading/pulling/contesting pulls etc.

  1. Is Ogre good, and how good? (pos 5)
  2. Tips for getting the most out of him in lane, in current patch?
  3. Is trying to utilize item multicast as a pos 5 unrealistic? If it's not, how could you not be a drag on the team as you slow rush your midas/item?

On dotabuff I see good high mmr players going for glimmer/ghost/midas/euls first big item, on pos 5 ogre. Is there any item above or other that you think is underrated?

I'm trying to build my pos 5 hero pool to start actually trying to climb. I'm not sure if Ogre has a role to play in it or not. If my interpretation is correct that he fills no role and has no real busted pos 5 strategy in game, should he simply not be included in my pool even tho his overall winrate is very high on dotabuff?

A related question: I feel like staying on map is easiest with low manacost pos 5's who can get by with tranquils + raindrops/basi/null/stick, or at least more gold efficient rather than chugging clarities. Saving for manaboots feels real bad, so to me, pos 5's with mana issues feel bad, when there is always stuff to do on map, and I feel like I miss oportunities on more mana constrained 5's.

Right now I'm playing undying, magnus, lich, crystal maiden, and a rare Treant or Snapfire. I've had some issues having consistent teamwork for picks like Io, Chen, Oracle, and my hero pool has to work well in pubs. Comments/critiques on that? And does Ogre Magi deserve any consideration? Is there a way to play ogre that we are missing or tricks we are missing that could make him unusually strong?


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