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Okay so because I have mental problems I’ve done some more thinking on my Undying mid “strat”. If you have MMR, friends, and Brain cells you don’t mind losing, gather round.

Lemme preface this by saying you shouldn't do this in ranked. It's fucking garbage.

That said, it might not be complete garbage. It might be recycling at worst.

Originally I played mid Undying 100% so I could somewhat reliably get Aghs before the game ended.

I went Hammer > Radiance > Aghs ay 23 minutes or so, or I went Hammer > Aghs at 18 minutes and started to deathball.

Both are horribly slow AFK farm builds (though fast for an Undying) so I'm pushing the idea of Aghs rush to the side.

The revised version starts off the same.

  1. Get denied pooled tangos.
  2. Start quelling, ring, circlet, tango, obs, and clarity. Grab Rip level 1 and ward the cliff near your jungle camps (on Radiant) or at the plateu next to them (on Dire).
  3. Block your wave, last hit (shouldn't be too hard, you're base damage and armor are good), and use Soul Rip to secure the ranged creep.
  4. Skill Tombstone at 2 and 3. At about 1:35, move to your jungle camps.
  5. Use soul rip plus ward vision to stack both camps. Fail on one of them, die a little inside.
  6. Pop tombstone and your clarity to kill both camps. Tank the creeps for a few seconds on each camp to let Zombies build up (especially on Dire since you have a hard camp to clear).
  7. Take Decay at level 4 for easier stacking of multiple camps (in particular, Ancients+Hard in the Radiant triangle).
  8. Alternate between farming lane, making stacks, and clearing with Tomb when it's up. Don't overdo your stacking or you'll fall behind in XP.
  9. Hard rush Meme Hammer, which can be gotten by 6-7 minutes pretty easily. This lets you clear shit while Tombstone is down, and with Hammer plus maxed Tombstone you can clear ancient stacks.
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Continue rinsing and repeating that farming pattern, focusing on Ancients after level 7, and get boots into Witch Blade next.

I'll explain. Yes I know I'm a fucking idiot.

  1. Undying has complete dogshit agility. This means that despite extremely high base damage and HP via Decay and Golem, he's pretty bad at punching people and not the best durability. Witch blade gives armor and attack speed, which helps this. No I'm not going right click Undying.
  2. Undying has quite high Int, and naturally wants to buy mana to sustain his casting. Combine that with Flesh Golem's damage amp plus a decay (maybe meme hammer) and they take a lot of damage.
  3. It sets up for Meme Hammer. No, seriously. If you just walk up and punch a guy with Witch Blade and Flesh Golem, they get slowed by so much that they can't reliably walk out of the hammer before it drops. It's tricky, and lots of heroes can weasel out of it, but against somebody like Bristle, Veno, or Drow it just works.

I haven't tried this yet in an actual game, so I don't quite know how strong it would be in practice, but in theory it's a lot of damage for not a lot of gold.

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I tried my best to do a bot game and test out what time I could get these item (I'm not gonna lab this out in an actual match), but unfortunately bots are complete idiots and I couldn't get a match where they didn't mass suicide down my lane even after testing multiple difficulties (unfair to new player, this happens on all of them).

Oh how I wish there was a level of bots that did nothing but collect bounty runes pre-15 minutes. That would make farm pattern labbing a lot easier.

Ignoring the bots as best I could, I was able to farm up Hammer+Boots+Witch at 11 minutes while being 2/0/2 (they stood still next to Tombstone while I was farming ancient stacks). I would estimate that if left alone, I could expect these items at roughly 13-14 minutes.

After that, you would just deathball as an overleveled undying with a couple scary items.

The items past that would likely be something along the lines of phase > euls > scepter.


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