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One game away from being divine 1, massive loss streak back to ancient 4. mid player

Content of the article: "One game away from being divine 1, massive loss streak back to ancient 4. mid player"

Has it ever happened to you guys? I don't wanna be "that guy" but literally 1 game away from turning divine, I get a jugger with Midas and battlefury in minute 17, and we lose 10 min later. "Ok, that's 1 game, it's fine". The next game I'm doing fine and my gyro and pos 5 mega feed top and get tilted and start feeding mid and we lose in 20 mins. Ok that's 2 games, it's fine. The next game we is kinda even but my Spectre is so fixated on going radiance she gets it at minute 21despite our warnings , then tries to build a Manta but for some reason keeps trying to fight w the team despite us telling him to farm. Manta minute 32. We lose.

And so on and so forth. You guys will tell me "you are angry and that's why you are losing". I have lost 700-800 mmr like 5 times in my life. I do get a bit salty, but it's so minimal it has 0 impact on my gameplay. Im not lying when I tell you out of all these 10 game, only 1 was even until our PA dives vs 5 , dies. Then buybacks, and dies in the next 15 seconds by getting out of position. I noticed a pattern and decided to go as carry becuz I can do a better job and I know the role. And then my mid player dies 0-6 and we lose in 23 minutes getting stomped. One last game today and my offlaner gets destroyed 0-7 and we also lose in 25 minutes.

What's happening????

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To all the people that think I'm tilting or anything: – I'm posting this cuz it's no the first time it happens to me. However the first time it happened I believed the "mmr anxiety" bs. – I assure you on all of these games I see the Net worth at minutes for the laning stage and always at least 1 of my other 2 cores are 1k or EVEN 2k less in gold that their lane enemy. This is why I'm posting, it seems rigged to lose. And no, I'm always the top net worth on my team In a row. – Sadly I don't have DotA buff. I'm not bsing tho.


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