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OoV vs Wind Lace case study: Undying & Treant Protector

Content of the article: "OoV vs Wind Lace case study: Undying & Treant Protector"

Been playing both melee supports recently. On many melee supports, starting with either Orb of Venom or Wind Lace (sometimes Boots if pos 4) is valid. But I also believe often times there's an optimal choice of the two, and these two heroes are a good example to help you think about when to get either Oov or Wind Lace as starting items.

Straight to conclusion: I mostly get OoV on Treant, and Wind Lace on Undying. Think about a hero's approach to harrassing and trading in general. As melee support you want to be able to close gap and hit opponent. And I'll explain how OoV and Wind Lace is better fitted for each of them.

Undying likes to walk around and Decaying people. However, it's only a temporary debuff that reduces max health but does not do a lot of damage, meaning that opponent still keeps their health percentage. Moreover, Tango and Stick become more efficient when they have lower health, just like how you drop stats item before healing. Therefore, as Undying you really want to follow up your Decay with actually hitting them with right clicks. That's where Wind Lace comes into play better than OoV – Wind Lace help you juke in the trees and get a surprise right click on them here and there, and every hit is more valuable when they're under Decay debuff, yet OoV would be rendered useless if you can't even get close to the opponent to begin with.

Treant, likes to stay in the trees, preferably off vision, then punish opponent's bad positioning with either Q or W, especially Q, and very strong right clicks. You have an innate way to close gap in lane. Compared to Undying's constant harrass and pressure, Treant plays around his CD of Q (~20 sec) a lot more. When you can find a good opening to go aggressive, you usually walk out of the trees and guarantee to get the first hit off. That's where OoV becomes really strong, that the slow helps you get second or even third hit off. It also synergizes with your Q, that the longer you force your opponent to stay in your green Macropyre, the more value you get out of the spell.

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Many other factors come into play too, such as the MS difference between you and your lane opponent. But these are the primary reasons I go OoV on Treant and Wind Lace on Undying. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


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