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Penumbra, the Twilight Reaver (Ranged/Agility)

Content of the article: "Penumbra, the Twilight Reaver (Ranged/Agility)"

Heroes Wanted Contests entered:

5.0 Stat Gain Contest

Attributes –

Strength: 22 + 1.8

Agility: 11 + 5.2

Intelligence: 22 + 1.8

Attack Range: 450

Projectile Speed: 900

Movement Speed: 280

Lore – An unprepared adventurer who discovered the forbidden Shadowgate Amulet is now corrupted to do its bidding and bring eternal twilight to the world.

Q – Twilight Shade

Mana – 140

Cooldown – 14

Cast Range – 500/550/600/650

Projectile Speed – 700

Damage – 100/150/200/250

Send your shadow after a foe to damage it.

The foe flees in terror to its home base until your shadow reaches it.

Aghanim's Scepter gives this ability 2 charges. Gain a free charge when you kill an enemy hero.

W – Shadow Shuriken

Mana – 80

Cooldown – 8

Cast Range – 1000

Projectile Speed – 1000

Damage – 60/90/120/150

AOE – 300

Toss a shadow shuriken.

You are invisible until the shuriken reaches max distance or hits an enemy.

You blink to the first enemy hit and deal damage in an area around it.

E – Equinox

Mana – 80

Cooldown – 8

Cast Range – 1000

Projectile Speed – 1000

Damage – 60/90/120/150

AOE – 300

Blink to a target location.

Damage nearby enemies on departure and fire a damage projectile at the lowest hp nearby enemy on arrival.

R – Umbral Awakening

Mana – 150/300/450

Cooldown – 100/80/60

Cast Range – 400

Damage – 250/400/550

AOE – 600

Duration – 5

Summon the Shadowgate Amulet to damage enemies in an area, creating a zone where enemies have vision radius reduced to 200.

Shadow Reaver's attacks against enemies inside the zone hit all enemy heroes with the vision reduction debuff.


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10 – Shadow Shuriken gives 25% move speed during invis OR Shadow Shuriken gives 25 hp regen during invis

15 – Equinox area damage silences 3s OR +80 Equinox target damage

20 – Twilight Shade deals 80 dps during fear OR Twilight Shade seeks +1 target

25 – Umbral Awakening Global cast range OR Umbral Awakening gives +15% attack damage and linked lifesteal per ally hero in zone


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