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people who say ” if you are in a low rank its probably because you belong there.” are delusional

i hear this so fucking much and nobody ever wants to admit this is a team game and that your mid rubics, your offlane tree ,shadow shamans or techies… not even unoptimized picks, picks that make no logical sense, let alone counter picks. like picking necrophose into techies and pudge.. the mirana support that takes the farm then rushes jungle. the OFFLANE wraith king that lanes for 2 levels then jumps into the jungle leaving a squish support to defend alone these arent things you come back from. and they happen so much its not funny, and honestly im tired of seeing people defend these players and saying " focus on your own game" my wife and i literally just played a match with heralds who, when she (mid) went to help them in their lane she pinged her ult she pinged the slardars stun and did the coming here emote, they backed up behind the tower and said " nobody asked you to come help, focus on your own game if you want to get better." and of course, theres also the low rank smurfs to keep you down.

watch the interviews from pros they literally say " this is a game like football meets chess" you cant play "football" or soccer without a goalie. there ARE defined roles and while vague they should be adhered to, atleast a little bit so its recognizable. theres not a magic fucking build thats going to allow a person to win every lane on their own, even going mid and outplaying the enemy team just means you have to get lucky enough to get a pick off and hope the enemy isnt 5 man roaming all game. so many people defend the roleless it makes communicating even the simplest kindest requests " toxic" " can we get some wards in our jungle please?" or " would you mind pulling the lane?" or " i have smoke can we go genk someone in their jungle?" because were nurturing a community of players who to them think " its ok to flame or tilt because they asked me to do something and they should just do it themselves."

think because of my post its an attitude problem? no, its not .
i actually shut off all communication and for the first few games things started to get better and i thought maybe it IS me. then every example i just gave you happened. completely assinine picks that make no fucking sense, people who think theyre just going to get carried by some magical mid that delusional people made up in their heads. the communication i did do was helpful and friendly " hey naga you dont need to walk back to base every time you get to 40% health i bought salves to heal you." " guys lets push our bottom tower to make safelane safe to farm. " " we should probably stop teleporting bottom pudge and techies have set up bottom lane and are just wating to hook and ult you onto their mines." all were ignored

if it didnt take 200+ game hours to do ranked id get reranked to show you that low tier hell is a thing. as a crusader 1 i helped some unranked people new to the game, learn the game then helped them get their rank and they were legend 3, just 2 months later im now guardian 2. my skill didnt dramatically decrease , the quality of players in my rank did and honestly i think the lack of a disciplined community who has a " fend for yourself and do whatever you want" attitude has a part to play in that. yes i know its also cavern crawl / international and that part sucks too. but we need to cultivate a better attitude.. a more team minded community.

if this is just some strong advertising play to get people to buy more time from coaches.. i mean… i applaud you i really do thats some quality marketing. but i think we as a community need to do better to express that this is a team game and the better you play with your teammates the better you're going to do in the long run, over the fend for yourself argument i keep seeing in every post.


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