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Petition for mandatory rank flair/Dotabuff link on this sub

With the influx of new/returning players, I think its a great sign regarding the state of this sub and Dota as a whole. However, with the increased amount of new/returning players, the quality of advice/discussions have also deteriorated.

Just today, I read a post from a 500 MMR player talking about the right way to go about pre-game bounty rune fights with some extremely linear logic (which obviously doesn’t always work in such a chaotic game as Dota 2). Now, kudos to that person for stating his/her MMR, yet at the same time, had he not done this, how authoritatively he commented on the topic gave the impression that they had enough experience in the game at a high level to do so.

I read a similar post calling for mandatory rank flairs a while ago, and the main argument against it was that sometimes lower ranked players still have valid opinions that may contribute to the discussion positively, and profile flairs would silence these players.

I do agree that obviously lower MMR players can still have valid opinions, Dota is a complex game with very rarely there being an obviously right/wrong way to do things, and I often have long discussions with my lower MMR friends on the game. However I don’t understand why adding rank profile flairs would impede on these discussions. In fact, I think it would enhance it, it’s much easier to take someone’s opinion on Wraith King playstyle knowing that they are Archon 3 and understanding the conditions in that specific bracket without having to take most opinions with a grain of salt wondering whether their playstyle works in Guardian, Ancient or Immortal.

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Another argument is that the influx of new players makes it so that most advice is good advice since many players are starting from scratch/very low ranked. As someone who climbed from triple digit MMR and peaked at Divine 2, I think this is very untrue. The friends I started playing with were low ranked and the amount of things I had to unlearn when I was actually trying to get good was mind boggling. Again, not that all lower MMR player advice is invalid, yet it would be good to see the circumstances that the advice is coming from.

Lastly, I think the point of this sub is for players of all standards to LEARN DOTA. Whether you are triple digit MMR trying to reach 1k or 5k trying to reach 6k, everyone has the right to post here to try to improve. Obviously it is much easier to fix problems in lower brackets as it gets exponentially more difficult to climb the higher you go, and there may be less people that have advice to truly solve your problem, everyone should still have the right to post. It doesn’t seem right that a Divine 4 player could be asking for advice yet Guardian 3 commenters might speak on the issue with authority, not showing their lack of experience facing the same problems at a similar level. Overall, I think this would just be a generally good step for this sub to improve quality of discussion with little downside.

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Tldr: Adding profile rank flairs/dotabuff links would improve discussion by allowing people to see what bracket perspective you are coming from when commenting/posting.


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