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Petition for Valve to open a seperate studio for DotA with the crowdsourced money

Content of the article: "Petition for Valve to open a seperate studio for DotA with the crowdsourced money"

In the recent weeks it's become very clear that, while Valve still does a great job with balancing and updating DotA 2, their current model of development will leave this game we love as dead as tf2.

This post addresses in detail the problems Valve's policies introduces to this our favorite game.

Right now it feels to me as tho this game runs on passion alone. Our passion for this game that makes us play even after terrible matchmaking, newcomer, etc. experiences and the core developers passion that keeps blessing us with amazing balance patches and novel hero concepts.

Despite this passion being what makes DotA such a great game and still (somewhat) relevant after almost 20 years, it is not enough to let it be what it could be. Looking at other online multiplayer games such as LoL, Fortnite or R6S it becomes clear that the DotA community is in a pretty abusive relationship.

Using only the TI prize pool that is currently sitting at 34 million dollars it should be possible to finance the opening of a new studio. As it has been pointed out countless times, DotA is still a very lucrative franchise for Valve and spin offs such as Artifact and Underlords have (or had if you're less optimistic) great potential to establish themselves as genre staples.

A dedicated staff could mean a lot of great things for DotA. Regular communcation, non gameplay related content and bug fixes as well as the long awaited new player experience could help this potentially best game to be more widely received as such. The impact COVID-19 had on this TI could have been greatly reduced. Software development is one of few industries that can greatly profit from the current crisis and at the very least, in the case of game developers such as Valve, not be (comparatively) negatively affected by social distancing policies. Additionally with staff to hype people up (every night I look forward to checking @DotA2 in the morning for their daily TI posts that we've got this week) and to organize it we could have had official regional leagues to keep us entertained over the past few weeks.

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In terms of staff and finding people Valve should have a huge head start since a) they have a load of crowdfunded money, and b) a passionate community like ours would make it very easy to find talented artists, developers and personalities to hire. Most of the cosmetics are already created by talented members of the community and I personally would very much be interested in taking an internship at Valve to gain some software engineering experience.

With the Battlepass expiring in 21 days and a lot of the content still missing, Cameron's comment should have devastated and enraged the community. I for one am ashamed of myself for thinking "nice. they communicated with us." when hearing that the content will be released potentially after the Battlepass expires.

At the same time I've been hoping (and fairly confident) that the duration of it will be expanded but the lack of communication in this regard is discerning at best. The only official thing to go by I could find was a comment by Cameron stating, before the Battlepass release, that the duration would be approximately as it was in the previous years.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope we can use reddit as a platform to voice the communities concerns in a way that will make it as easy as possible for Valve to listen and to address them.


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