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Phantom Lancer’s alternative itemization guide

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Getting double Wraith Bands, Power Treads, and Diffusal Blade is an accepted item build that enables Phantom Lancer to fight early. From there, a lot of PL players would choose to auto-pilot and just go Manta Style and Abyssal Blade. It is a pretty strong build, but you shouldn’t be religiously doing this every game.

In the link above, I elaborate on one of my own ranked games where Phantom Lancer needed an alternative itemization to win the game.

Radiant : Phatnom Lancer (1), Invoker (2), Timbersaw (3), Spirit Breaker (4), Weaver (5)

Dire : Troll (1), Meepo (2), Legion Commander (3), Earth Shaker (4), Bane (5)

Avg MMR : ~Immortal Rank 1000 in SEA


Let’s imagine you’re the one playing Phantom Lancer in the match above. After getting Diffusal Blade, you decided to rush Manta Style right away. Then, I can safely say that'd be a game losing move. You needed to get Sange and Yasha, followed up by BKB. Let’s talk about why it is so.

Manta is mainly there to self-dispel. If the enemy mid is getting Orchid, or has a form of Silence or Root, then yes, Manta becomes a mandatory pick up for Phantom Lancer. However, in this game, Manta won’t do much.

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Phantom Lancer fears getting initiated by Echo Slam, which will kill of all his illusions. He is then exposed to be chain stunned by Bane and Legion Commander. Then PL would be 100% dead. Meepo with a Blink Dagger poses a huge threat as well. Meepo can easily solo kill PL with Ensnare.

This is why I propose getting Sange and Yasha. It makes you tanky enough to withstand all those damage and disables. The 20% Status Resisantce should not be underestimated. It makes a huge difference. By minute 25:00 – 30:00, you should have SnY and BKB ready in your inventory.

With BKB, you take no damage from Echo Slam. LC and Meepo cannot burst you with nukes. Only Duel and Bane’s ultimate pierce through the spell immunity, but that’s actually exactly what you want to happen to win the game.

Why do you want LC and Bane to cast ultimate on you? Look at your ally heroes. They have a great counter-initiate line-up. If you get caught by Bane or LC, Invoker will cast Tornado. Spirit Breaker will Charge in. Timbersaw will be in a comfortable position to safely dish out more damage. Lastly, Weaver with Aghanims can save you from anywhere.

Phantom Lancer has to stand in the front line and survive the initial burst from the enemy. SnY and BKB will help you achieve that goal. Anyone else in your team will die within a second getting initiated.

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For the late game itemization, instead of an Abyssal Blade, it should have been Satanic and Linkens Sphere. Satanic + SnY gives you a total of 45% Status Resistance. You’ll be able to naturally tank up all the disables for your team. Linkens is very situational, but I belive it is the right itemization here, because you don’t want to be force-initiated by Troll’s Abyssal Blade or Meepo’s Scythe of Vyse.

Your final itemization should look something like this:



Thanks for reading. I would appreicate if you guys can provide any feedbacks for my video.


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