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Playing Morphling Effectively

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I know the best answer to this is going to be 'watch pros' – and I have, and will continue to do so, but I like talking about things and hearing opinions.

Some time ago I realised I had no idea how to play against morphling, so I decided to try and learn to play him (it?) myself in the hopes of helping me play against him.

Turns out I like the hero conceptually and have fun playing him. I've sort of got the basics down now but I feel like I really struggle to have the impact that I can on other heroes I'd consider myself 'good' at (relatively).

By this, I mean it feels like i'm playing 50/50 dota, where if my team does well, I'll go along for the ride and do fine too, but in hard games I really struggle to have much impact from behind or help my team catch up. I've had a few rare games where I've managed to snowball and carry the game from mid lane.

I'm just curious to hear any tips from players who consider themselves good at morph about some decision making around playing him effectively, things like:

  • When would you be picking morph safelane vs mid, and how do you adjust your playstyle and item choices accordingly?

  • what influences your choice of defensive items on morphling? (Bkb, manta, linkens?) When would you rush eblade?

  • what heroes make your game hard? (AA is an obvious rough one, heroes that like making urn and Shivas, long duration dots are annoying because you cant morph full agi then back up a bit to heal mid-fight, long instant cc and burst, etc.)

  • what does a great morphling game look like?

  • how do you play from behind as morph? What should I be buying to split push? Travels, linkens or manta depending on their lineup? Perhaps a blink for a quick escape?

  • how to play morphling as an early-midgame tempo controller? If I'm playing morph mid (and have a regular pos1 safelane) I feel inclined to help side lanes if I can, and try to control early/mid at the expense of amplifying my farm, to create space for my pos1. Should I be rushing eblade and building a cheap dispel, like maybe euls, if the other team warrants it?

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I'd really just appreciate any thoughts about playing morphling!


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