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Playing pos1 in low 1k MMR, need help with making a gameplan

Content of the article: "Playing pos1 in low 1k MMR, need help with making a gameplan"

Hey all.

I've recently trying to learn the pos1 role. There has been some improvement – I used Juggernaut to learn, and was 33% winrate with him at my lowest point and finally climbed back up to over 50%. I can confidently say I am better at farming than most people at my bracket, so even if my patterns aren't optimal from a very high level player perspective, that isn't the issue holding me back. Still, I feel stuck at my current bracket, and confused about what to focus on to climb higher.

I've been watching a lot of BSJ videos, especially the educational smurf series. He makes it a point to say "lane pushing wins games, fighting comes secondary". That's something I've been trying to focus on, and the games where it works out feel very natural and easy wins. However, games where it doesn't work out I often get flamed for not participating in teamfights and costing us the game.

The way I see it, there are two major ways I could play pos1:

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1) Basically ignore fights unless we're defending a lane of racks, focus on pushing and farming.

2) Farm a few core items, then try to play with my team and take fights, and take objectives only after winning fights.

As far as I can tell, BSJ is arguing for option 1 there, but there's also the argument that if I am the highest networth hero in the game, shouldn't I make that networth felt by trying to dominate teamfights? After all, if I'm 20k networth at a good timing but all I do is push lanes and never fight, I'm just a really farmed melee creep. Isn't that like basically leaving my team at a 20k networth disadvantage?

Often in the games I do lose, I am literally the only farmed core on my team, and the games feel impossible to win because even if I do hit good farm and item timings, the enemy team has two or three heroes that are equally farmed as I am and I can't fight all of them. So when I try to shove lanes in those games, my team just loses a fight without me, leading to enemy marching down mid lane and I can't defend 1v5. So basically they don't give a shit if I'm threatening top t2 for example when they just wipe our mid racks.

I guess what I'm looking for is thoughts from higher level players about what my general game plan should be when playing pos1? Do I really just ignore all fights unless they're right in front of me and play creep simulator until we win? Or after getting my core items, should I be looking to fight with my team and *then* push objectives?

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