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POG 2.0 Released (4v4 Chaos Mode, Custom Heroes & More!)

Content of the article: "POG 2.0 Released (4v4 Chaos Mode, Custom Heroes & More!)"

Hey guys, now that the Battlepass for TI has finished, we're starting to ramp things back up with our mod! We've come out with a brand new 4v4 mode, details of which can be found below. We will continue to update and balance both modes as time goes on. Thanks for all the support!

Download mod here:


Mifune Spotlight Video:

Thunder Boar Spotlight Video:

NEW MODE: 4v4 Chaos:

• Custom Heroes enabled (Welcome to our newest heroes Mifune & Thunder Boar!

• Turbo-mode couriers enabled

• Fountain fully heals

• 4 Guardians (all fully visible to both teams with about 50% less effective buffs)

• Larger map with impassable barrier in middle creating dual lanes

• Pick stage changed from Single Draft to Random Draft

ORIGINAL MODE: Renamed to 3v3 Classic


Removed battlepass accelerators and replaced them with Ticket Subscriptions (Silver, Gold, Diamond). You can find more info here:


• Extra battlepass experience

• Extra first win experience

• Additional weight to content votes

• Daily Tips in-game

• Extra daily quest

• Unlock weekly quests

• Provide extra bonus XP for you and your teammates

• Detailed website statistics

• Turn all your heroes golden

• Exclusive companion and companion FX


• Disabled Chen

• Disabled Tinker (for 4v4 only)


• Removed Mirror Shield • Removed Spider Legs

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• Apex from 6000 to 8000 gold

• Underlord: Firestorm Max health as damage per second from 1/2/3/4 to 1.5/2.0/2.5/3

• Bristleback: Bristleback rear damage reduction from 16/24/32/40 to 8/16/24/32

• Bristleback: Bristleback side damage reduction from 8/12/16/20 to 4/8/12/16

• Drow Ranger: Marksmanship Agility as Ranged agility bonus from 28/36/44 to 20/28/36

• Drow Ranger: Marksmanship proc damage from 70/80/90 to 50/60/70

• Viper: Corrosive Skin Magic resist bonus from 10/15/20/25 to 5/10/15/20

• Viper: Corrosive Skin Damage per second from 8/16/24/32 to 6/12/18/24

• Viper: Corrosive Skin attack speed slow per from 8/16/24/32 to 6/12/18/24

• Ursa: Fury Swipes Damage bonus per stack from 12/18/24/30 to 6/12/18/24

• Sniper: Take Aim bonus attack range from 75/150/225/300 50/100/150/200

• Sniper: Shrapnel slow from 12/18/24/30 to 6/12/18/24

• Elder Titan: Astral Spirit creep damage 2/4/6/8 to 2/3/4/5

• Bloodseeker: Blood Rite damage from 120/180/240/300 to 120/160/200/240

• Bloodseeker: BloodRite cooldown from 12 to 18

• Windranger: Shackleshot stun duration from 2/2.6/3.2/3.8 to 1/1.6/2.2/2.8

• Arc Warden: Tempest Double duration from 18/22/26 to 16

• Kunkka: Tidebringer distance from 650/800/950/1100 to 600/700/800/900

• Kunkka: Tidebringer end radius from 500/550/600/650 to 550

• Snapfire: 25 talent changed from 3x Lil' Shredder Multishot to Scatterblast applies 2.5s disarm

• Dark Willow: Shadow realm cooldown from 32/26/20/14 to 31/28/25/22

• Dark Willow: Shadow realm max damage from 90/180/270/360 to 120/170/220/270

• Tiny: Aghs throw interval from 0.4 to 0.6

• Tiny: Aghs target aoe from 400 to 300


• Terroblade: Metamorphosis cooldown from 155 to 110

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• Batrider: Flaming Lasso cooldown from 100/90/80 to 60

• Monkey King: Boundless Strike Critical damage from 150/175/200/225 to 175/200/225/250

• Monkey King: Boundless Strike cooldown from 22 to 16

• Slark: Shadow Dance cooldown from 80/70/60 to 75/60/45

• Naga Siren: Rip Tide Proc Chance from 17% to 25%

• Nature's Prophet: Wraith of Nature base damage from 110/140/170 to 150/200/250

• Lycan: Shapeshift cooldown from 70 to 50s


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