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Pos 1 heroes that turn ‘unorthodox’ pos 5 griefpicks into winning lanes

By unorthodox pos 5 picks, I mean the Zeus, Techies, Windranger, Enigma, QoP, Venomancer, Invoker, Snipers where players are farming their role queue tokens. It's toxic but, the truth is you're going to run into it in herald-crusader a lot and if you lose all these games, you're not going to gain mmr.

Windranger – If you get a WR pos 5, pick Luna. If you strategize around a stat heavy build based on trading (wraith band and null talisman components, branches), you're two heroes sitting on mid-60s damage with passive lvl 1. Offlaners typically have very low armor and you can quickly snowball the lane out of control. You have 2 cheap mana low cooldown stuns to enable attack-moving to keep them low even if they get vanguard/hood regen components. At lvl 3 with 2 wraith bands you are at mid-80s right click damage. I think it'd be correct for WR to build at least a null talisman.

QoP – I think the trap is to go something like Drow. It's a predictable carry pick because you're thinking 'Oh let's stack slows'. If the enemy offlaner reads it as a support pick and slam dunks a LC or Abaddon pick to purge the Q in lane, you can hit them with MK, Ursa, Troll Warlord. Or if they go Antimage you have decent matchups. Make up for QoP's lack of teamfight, provide an initiator, and a hero that people don't want to jump.

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Zeus, Techies, Pudge – This is on the extreme end of grief picks. So you have to be able to play solo carries while also dealing with an exp leech. I think Bloodseeker, CK are good – heroes that get strong quickly and have a way of sustaining and 2 v 1'ing through lifesteal, and in CK's case helm of iron will rush.

A consideration is you're a little more likely to be faced with a WK or AM pick from the opposing team. I think CK and BS are both comfortable dealing with both of those heroes.

Another approach to these heroes is to exploit the other team exploiting the supports' lack of catch. Io, Dazzle, QoP, Zeus, Techies, Venomancer, – they invite Storm, Ember, AM picks. So you could pick Weaver, a hero that can hunt those heroes. If you exit Sukuchi at a safe place in the lane and are careful, you can still cs 1 v 2.

Invoker – even if the player himself is a good mechanical Invoker, it's a very weak pos 5 hero, but with a few levels in QW he can help with Bloodseeker landing blood rite and you can both outsustain the offlaners. With rupture you have a hero that can cancel tp out, and the Invoker can start playing his game with urn and you can both be active on the map.

Enigma – Pango or Bloodseeker work well since you're either picking or countering the worst counter to Enigma in lane. Blackhole is great setup for bloodrite throughout the game even if it gets canceled, Enigma has a stun to prevent rupture tp out throughout the game. Account for him needing to have mana to keep casting conversion, and buy your own regen.

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Luna – I think Ursa or Bloodseeker again. These heroes can deal with the heroes that blow up Luna, can itemize to handle attempted PL cheesepicks, good vs. the classic Clockwerk counter to Luna.

You have to accept these heroes need items to do anything. Just pretend you have a support earthshaker – he needs a blink dagger, bottom line, so the team has to work to make that happen.

If you tilt out and pick Medusa, PA, or Io (without knowing how to play them) as a countergrief, you're just going to lose most of the time. Think about how you can round out the draft, anticipate the enemy being more likely to pick certain heroes and read the bans. Communicate with your lane partner and try to win.

I watched a Gorgc game earlier this week where he played Pos 5 oov tranquil boots Terrorblade with Cancel's hard carry Tinker and they destroyed their lane (although they did throw and lose the game unfortunately, it would've been the craziest pub win I'd ever seen). Cancel didn't even shrug and immediately rolled with it and they kept talking to each other during th elane. I know those are like 8k+ players but take that attitude and you will win a few of these games you would otherwise lose.

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To me, nothing feels better than winning the game that everyone else in your bracket would've lost. Next time the mongo will be on the other team, and being carried by you will positively reinforce that there's nothing wrong with what he's doing. He'll pick it again, and this time his carry won't adapt the way you did and you win both games, where most players win just the one when he's on the other team.


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