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PSA: Supports, Please Stop auto-piloting during laning

Content of the article: "PSA: Supports, Please Stop auto-piloting during laning"

This is a PSA to position 4s to incite discussion about the laning phase and the delicate dynamics that make or break a lane.

Consider the following example:

If you are owning the lane, don't just auto-pilot to pull and break up the favorable status quo. This is exactly what the enemy wants, for you to leave just for them to get a breather, take some lasthits and get some needed basic items and turn a losing lane into a winning lane.

Example – Mirana, Tide offlane vs Ursa, Grimstroke safelane. Mirana has Blight Stone, Tide has level 1 gush and OOV to maximize the slow and -armor.

In popular understanding Ursa beats Tide handily, however in this lane Tide and Mirana should and can absolutely shit on that lane. Why? Ursa starts with 4 armor (heavily nerfed over the last couple years) so Gush + Blight take it to -2, which makes every right click of Mirana and Tide do a shitload of damage to the cub. He is toast, he can't lane vs that, grimstroke won't help, because he has lower range than Mirana, gets destroyed as well if goes OOP and can't save Ursa at all.

What does an auto-pilot (bad) Mirana do after successful 2-3 levels? Decides it's time to roam around, pulls a camp, starts chasing grimstroke around for fuck knows why. This way, Ursa starts beating the shit out of Tide because of the nature of the two heroes and the lane from heavily winning goes to losing.

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In this particular matchup Tide+Mirana>Ursa+Grimstroke, but Tide<Ursa and Mirana>Grimstroke, which means that their position 1 is happy if Mirana leaves and Grimstroke needs to do everything for it to happen. Mirana can't fall for that, but they so often do.

Ask yourself this, is there a hero more worth putting down than their position 1? The answer should almost always be a resounding no, but so many times the position 4 decides it's time to shake things up despite the lane being completely dominant and not understanding that it was dominant because of your valuable contribution, don't just take it away like a fickle lover to give it to the mid player who maybe doesn't even need it at all.

This example is actually very popular in other variants as well. Popular pos 1 lane melee dominators like MK, Ursa, Slark can't handle the fact that a pos 4 is continually harassing them and not fucking off to do smth else. Axe/Lina vs Slark/Undying. Axe/Lina can and should win that lane if Lina just stays in the lane and makes sure that Axe doesn't get rolled over by losing all his stats. I played these lanes so many times and all it takes is a pos 4 committed to non-stop harass. It only takes continual harass to fend off any attempt at swarming Axe. Slark will get destroyed by Magic/Pure damage in that lane and 2 melee heroes vs Axe is just plain hard when there's a Lina that can stun and pew-pew to her hearts content.

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Signed, Immortal offlane player


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