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PSA To Core Players who pick Jug, PA, Void, Riki(kek)

Content of the article: "PSA To Core Players who pick Jug, PA, Void, Riki(kek)"

Please I am begging you, STOP BUYING FIRST ITEM BATTLE FURY. (exception AM)

This item is so dog shit. Reasons why.

  1. Unless the enemy team loses their keyboard during the mid game. You have essentially telegraphed, you won't be joining fights, and thus giving them the advantage in most cases.

  2. Because you've telegraphed this information, it makes your supports and play makers life AIDS. Instead of trying to make plays around the map with our mid/off laner what do we have to do instead. Spend all our resources protecting YOU and ONLY YOU.

  3. It makes you STUPID VULNERABLE and even MORE predictable. You spend 4200 gold on an item that in fact makes it EASIER to be ganked. The reason here is it is mega obvious what your farming pattern is going to be. OH shit push a wave then kill the big camp to small camp rinse repeat , HMM I WONDER. Or the slightly better, Hey he moved to the trianlge and your whole team is there to protect you, I guess we'll just take control of the rest of the map.

Beyond me just ranting lets look at some data here. I've posted professional to semi-professional matches from datdota. If dotabuff let me actually query their database I'd show you beyond the descriptive statistic of mean winrate why it's dogshit, because the timing of this item IS SO CRUCIAL to its winrate. I've only included cores that are large offenders of this fucking JEBAIT of an item.

Below is a table of the #of times battlefury has been picked up, what minute it was picked up and the winrate.



Minute Pickups Wins Win %
11 2 2 100%
12 3 3 100%
13 11 9 81%
14 13 9 69%
15 18 9 50%
16 21 10 47%
17 12 4 33%
18 7 1 14%
19 5 0%
25 2 1 50%

From this table there are some assumptions i am making, HOWEVER I think it's PRETTY clear THAT THIS ITEM is only good if you can get it SUPER early, each minute this item is delayed is a hit to your winrate by quite a substantial amount. This table is generous by the way if you only include you Jug/PA players who buy this dog shit item it gets EVEN WORSE.

In conclusion STOP driving your supports bananas by getting this item.


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