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Psychology and it’s place in Dota

Content of the article: "Psychology and it’s place in Dota"

Back when I played I was a support player. Position 5 more often than 4 but I ran with whatever I rolled.

I calibrated guardian 2, fell to herald 5, and had to take a step back and reevaluate my play.

A single shift in my mindset helped me climb: Holy shit, I’m just as bad as everyone else here.

I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, but I was putting myself over my team. I thought I was way better than them and I expected to leave the bracket any day now because my string of losses were “bullshit” and it’s not my fault. What I realized is that herald was the bracket I deserved to be in and if I wanted to get the fuck out of this hell I would have to grind for it. I would have to actually focus on improving rather than just playing. It’s a different type of grind but it was fulfilling in its own way.

I started watching some gameleap videos, watched a couple replays, and started sticking with the same couple of heroes. This gave me moderate success. But I noticed something. When I’m in a good mood, I play better. I assume that’s normal, right?

The connection I hadn’t made was that the other people around me play better than they’re in a good mood too. I took my headset and turned into team leader. Whenever mid does something flashy, I’d say hell yeah. If I make stacks, I ping them for the carry and tell him that I’m gonna get him big and strong. I make people laugh, I keep everyone in a good mood, and we all go forward.

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I shit you not the moment I did this I went on a fucking 23-0 streak over a weekend. I hit crusader in 3 days. Dota opened up. I eventually settled down at around archon when I hit a second revelation…

If I play better in a good mood, I play worse in a bad mood. That’s also true for my enemies. It sounds stupid when you say it out loud but that’s how it goes.

So I did some research. I played some games as carry and offlane. I learned what I like and what I don’t like. I also learned that I don’t want to play carry ever again :p

I made it my goal in the next game to do everything that the carry didn’t want me to do in the laning phase. I decided I was gonna make his life hell. This one dude in particular was in my way. I wasn’t gonna let him stay there. I took a sentry ward and blocked the small camp. I was playing bounty and my core was holding down the lane so I was able to go snipe the enemy carry’s courier. When the mid game hit I took sentries and I blocked every single camp in the enemy jungle.

This dude lost his shit. Ended up like 2/12/0 or something glorious like that.

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Obviously you shouldn’t go to this extreme every game but in my games I was always thinking about how I could tilt the enemies and help my allies. Small things like body blocking camps or cheering on my carries. When I stopped playing Dota I had a 60% win rate in the last month.

So when you’re in your next game, pick a target in a role that you’re familiar with. Preferably on a hero you’re familiar with. Do every single thing to that person that you don’t want to happen to you. Make every little annoying thing happen that they don’t want. Be the catalyst for that guy losing the game and watch him bring his team down with him. Then reap your benefits.


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