Dota 2

Queen of Pain Rework

In current meta she has one of the highest win rate in pro pub matches. She has really nice talents stats and ability kit. So here is my rework idea to balance her a bit :).Also last time Queen of Pain was reworked, it was in patch 2.60(03.01.2004).

Q Shadow Strike
Ability Unit Target
Affects Enemy Heroes/Enemy Creeps
Cast Range 450/500/550/600

Hurls a poisoned dagger which deals large initial damage, and then deals damage over time. The poisoned unit has its movement speed slowed for 8 seconds. An instance of damage is dealt every 2 seconds. Movement speed slow is fades over time.

Same ability except reduced duration, increased impact damage.

Level Initial Damage Damage over Time Movement Slow Duration
1 8 120 60 30 20% 8
2 8 120 90 40 28% 8
3 8 120 120 50 32% 8
4 8 120 150 60 40% 8

W Succubus Step
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units/Enemy Heroes
Cast Range 725
Area of Effect 325
Damage Type Magical

Blinks to the targeted point and screams, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Basically Scream of Pain and Blink merged for lower cast range and increased mana cost. Casting Sucubbus Step while rooted causes you to scream without teleport.

Level Damage
1 16 70 75
2 14 85 150
3 12 100 225
4 10 115 300
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E Agony
Ability Passive
Affects Enemy Heroes/Enemy Units

Queen of Pain's basic attacks weaken enemies, deal aditional magic damage and causes them to take increased damage from her abilities.

This ability amplifies both magical and pure damage.

Level Bonus Magic Damage per Attack Damage Amp Duration
1 12 10% 4
2 24 13% 4
3 36 16% 4
4 48 19% 4

R Sonic Wave
Ability Point Targeted
Affects Enemy Heroes/Enemy Units

Aghanim Scepter Upgrade: Sonic Wave: Reduces cooldown causes affected enemies to lose most of the positive buffs(Including Eul and Force Staff). No longer increases damage. Scepter Cooldown: 60(Instead of 40)

10 +8 Strength +20 Attack Speed
15 +20 Agony Bonus Damage +10% Cooldown Reduction
20 525 AoE Shadow Strike 25% Spell Lifesteal
25 +1.2 Second Succubus Step Fear -5 Succubus Step Cooldown

Changes on talents due to ability updates.


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