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Questions regarding some online experience issues

Content of the article: "Questions regarding some online experience issues"

1. How to draft better ? How to learn which heroes have good chemistry and how to not end up in situations like 4 support and only one carry. Are there any in-game guides ? How to synchronize with your teammates both in-game and during draft ?

  1. How to deal with smurfs?
  2. How to get your teammates talking?
  3. Is it actually that hard to comeback once you lose your first towers?
  4. Will things get better once ranked play is available for me ? (I am still playing unranked games)

First of all, I have around 75 hours in this game, so I'm pretty much still a noob
As you know, I need 100 hours of unranked matches gameplay to be able to play ranked
Out of those 75 hours, I have about 20 hours of online experience ( i have played with bots a lot to learn how to play)
During these hours that I've played I have encountered the following issues:

  1. Drafting
    In an "all pick" game it always feels like my team has a shitty way of drafting. We are either all carry or 3 support & 2 carries and often heroes who have no chemistry at all
    And it is really hard for me ( a new player ) to recognize every hero and to instanly figure out what other heroes to pick in order to have combos (I often can't recognize if the heroes chosen are support or carry)
    Meanwhile, the opponent team always *feels like* is having combos ready and insanely skilled players.
    For example, in almost every game where I encounter a bloodseeker in the enemy team,he has a good support with stunning abilities in order to use his Blood Rite at his max potential.
    I just don't get it how to sync with my teammates in order to achieve combos like this.
    And also, every other game there must be some cancerous Chaos Knight or Phantom Lancer with A QUADRILLION CLONES. It's just annoying & hard to counter and I am already sick of it

  2. Really good players
    As I have mentioned above, there must always be some guy who palys like a pro and is level 17 while everyone else is like level 11 and does all the kills and all the stuff
    It feels unbalanced for me as a new player. What am I supposed to do when such a player is in the enemy team instantly killing me if I encounter him ? I can't farm properly, I can't level up, it feels like I can't do anything

  3. Poor communication
    Is it just in my games, or people dont use chat at all (voice or written)? With so many things happening at once, I can't instantly figure out if anybody needs help or start a combo or whatever. Dota2 is supposed to be a team game. We should synchronize our plays.

  4. Snowball effect
    It feels like once we loose our first towers (tier 1? i dont know how they are called) the game is lost and its almost impossible to comeback

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