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r/DotA 2021 Demographic Survey – Results

Hi all,

Two weeks ago I posted a reddit thread purposed to conduct a 5 year follow-up survey to an original demographic survey held in 2016. We've finalised the collection of results and the compilation of the report, details of which you can find below:

2021 full-report:

2021 original thread:

2021 unedited google form piecharts: (please note that these are not formatted and there are some overlaps in options, due to the adding of additional options while the survey was open. For full details/breakdown, please see the report).

2016 original thread:

Full-report key take-aways:

Gender: The r/DotA2 community remains majority male, with 95.8% and 93.5% being male in 2016 and 2021 respectively. The female population grew from 3% (2016) to 3.5% (2021), while the proportion of transgender people increased from 0.05% (2016) to 1.1% (2021).

Relationships: Those who are married, in a relationship or within a civil partnership all increased, by 3.8%, 5.1% and 1.3% respectively. These gains meant a decrease in those who are single, which declined from 67.3% to 57.3% – meaning since 2016, 10% more of the r/DotA2 community are now in some form of relationship.

Age: The r/DotA2 community is aging. Those aged 30+ represented 3.9% of the population in 2016, which has now increased to 14.9% in 2021. Those aged 21 or below represented 50.1% of the population in 2016, but now represent 20.7%. The largest age group in 2021 is between 22 and 30 – now representing 64% of the r/DotA2 community.

Play: The vast majority (91.4%) of the r/DotA2 community have played for over 3 years. Comparison on this question is difficult, as in 2016 Dota 2 had only been released 3 years (July 2013). However, those playing three year or less represent just 10% in 2021, while those who have played 8 years+ represent nearly 40%. At the very least, this indicates that Dota has: a) high retention of original players, but evident player-base losses; b) limited influx of new players who participate in the r/DotA2 community.

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Occupation: Corresponding to an aging population, the proportion of college/university students has dropped from 43.4% (2016) to 31.6% (2021), while those in full-time work has nearly doubled – from 25.3% (2016) to 47.4% (2021). Under 18 schooling decreased by the largest margin, from 16.6% (2016) to 2.3% (2021). Those in part-time work also decreased, while those self or unemployed increased. This may be a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Living: Correlating to prior questions, many more people now either live with their spouse partner (increasing 12% to 25.9%) or alone (increasing 6.8% to 17.5%).

Children: Curiously, the number of respondents answering ‘yes’ to having children decreased by 0.2% between 2016 to 2021, from 5.9% to 5.7%. It was expected that this would also increase, given the increased numbers of marriages, relationships and an older population.

MMR: MMR inflation is evident – as the proportion of those with 5k MMR or higher has increased from 4.5% (2016) to 12.8% (2021). However, the proportion of those within the 4001-5000 MMR bracket is largely unchanged, decreasing only by 0.3% from 2016 to 2021. A similar trend can be observed in the 2001 – 3000 bracket. The largest change is seen within the 3001-4000 bracket, which decreased 14% between 2016 to 2021.

Location: The US remains the largest representative within the r/DotA2 community, which conforms to the overall demographics of reddit as a whole. UK, Germany and Canada represent the second, third and fourth largest respectively, with a mixture of SEA and European countries making up the other top 20. Outliers to this include India (5th), Australia (6th), Brazil (9th) and Russia (16th). For a full breakdown, please see page 13 and 14.

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Watching vs Playing: r/DotA2 remains a majority ‘playing’ community – with 60.5% primarily playing Dota 2 vs 33.3% who primarily watch. 6.1% neither play nor watch Dota 2.

o Those who play Dota 2 spend more time doing so – with a higher proportion selecting 8 hours or more.

o Conversely, those who watch Dota 2 seem to do so more casually – with a lower proportion selecting 8 hours or more.

o In relation to both, page 16 and 17 demonstrate that people who do not play Dota 2 are still liable to watch it. As indicated by the difference of 4.6% between those who ‘don’t play Dota 2’ vs those who ‘don’t watch’.

Esports: Perhaps unsurprisingly, CS:GO is the most popular (24.6%) esports game besides Dota 2 that the r/DotA2 community engage with. Fortnite was the lowest, representing just 1.1% of the community – which perhaps correlates with the previously discussed ‘aging’ population. 47% selected ‘other’, which indicates that this survey either failed to offer appropriate choices or Dota 2 is the only esports genre that a large proportion of r/DotA2 engages with.

Education: The r/DotA2 community is statistically well educated – with Bachelors, high school diplomas and college degrees being selected by 77% of respondents, at 32.4%, 27.4% and 17.2% respectively. Masters also scored highly, with 13.2%. Only 1.3% of the population had no formal education.

Dota 2 Introduction: The majority were either recommended by a friend or family (49.5%) or have played since Warcraft 3 (28%). A mere 2.1% were introduced to Dota 2 by advertisement.

Congrats on all those new relationships, new jobs and hitting your mid to late twenties 😉

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Any questions or queries, just ask and I'll endeavor to answer.


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