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Rant What have I been doing as a “support player” to break the 50% win rate and start winning basically every match?

Content of the article: "Rant What have I been doing as a “support player” to break the 50% win rate and start winning basically every match?"

Short answer is: I stopped playing support. Yeah that's it and it sucks. Here's my most recent matches to see what that "one simple trick" has done for me in terms of win-rate. I've been doing it for weeks now with consistent results.

I fucking hate that. I want to play the "most demanded" role because I love supporting but even though I feel very strongly I play best as support, it's playing carry that allows me to actually impact and win games while as a support it's a fifty-fifty coin toss whether someone will actually play the game or just have 4 people jungle AFK for 50 minutes. If someone is playing, I support them and win, otherwise I just lose.

I truly believe that DotA matchmaking is broken beyond belief – and yes, I'm taking into consideration the new "MMR by role" system – as a matter of fact, I have more MMR on my carries now, which means support games should be even easier to win in comparison, right?! But they're not, I can casually boost my account with any non-support role but have a hard time climbing even 100 MMR consistently as a support.

Valve has made a very serious change to the game with the new role queue matchmaking but from my personal point of view, with the data to back it up, it simply doesn't work as intended. It's not worse than the old queue but it's not doing what it was built to do either!

Valve, please. Let me play the role I like and perform my best at. Is that too much to ask? Isn't the whole point of the new system to have more people play support (hence the bonus fast queue games for supporting players and "high demand star" icon)? Then why is it I'm punished with a 50% win rate – and also plenty of reports for being least net-worth (as position 5, duh no shit) when a game is lost? All I wanna do is main support every single game but the system does not allow me to, while telling me it's also the most demanded role and I should play it.

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And yeah even now I can see some people responding with "well obviously you must suck at support" or "this guy last month posted he climbed to 15,000 MMR by playing only Io" or things along these lines. It's OK, I know for myself what role I play best (and would rather play every single match). I will say this at least: when playing support, I routinely outperform at least one of my cores in terms of GPM – my go-to picks as support are Shadow Shaman, Lich, Crystal Maiden, Treant Protector… heroes that should not be getting more GPM than cores.

I'm writing this mostly as a rant and r/OffMyChest type of thing. Sorry for all the salt but hopefully some of my fellow stuck supports will see this and get motivated to stop playing by the broken "intended" rules and actually give up supporting if they want to climb. Supporting is a total dead-end in the current state of matchmaking and Valve needs to do something about it. It's no wonder that so many people cheat the system and pick non-traditional support heroes while queueing for position 4 and 5. Roles Queue has been a great experiment but it's broken.

I would love to hear from other supports out there whether they have similar experiences (harder time gaining MMR as P4/P5) or not.


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