Dota 2

Rattie, the Wererat Rogue [Hero Concept]

Appearance and behavior based on Wererat Thief companion from Neverwinter Online. The name was changed to show the essence of the bandit-character more strongly, the thief approaches a little less.

The Crippling Poison was added as a separate ability, so as not to overload the text of other abilities. In fact, Weak Poison can be considered an innate ability, and Strong Poison can be part of other abilities.


Strenght 18+1.6

Agility 22+3.2

Intellect 18+2.0

Damage 22-24 (44-46)

Attack range 150 (melee)

BAT/AS 1.7/100

Armor 0 (3.52)

Movement speed 295

Sight range: 1800/1200


D — Crippling Poison

Passive|Magical damage|Dispellable|Does not pierce SpImm

Attacks applies Weak Crippling Poison on enemy and abilities can apply Strong Crippling Poison, both damages and slows and damage stacks without refreshing duration. Weak depends on hero level, while Strong on ultimate level, the 1st available from the start.

Weak poison levels: 1/4/7/10/13/16/19/22/25

Weak poison damage: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Weak poison slow: 1%/2.5%/4%/5.5%/7%/8.5%/10%/11.5%/13%

Strong poison damage: 12/18/24/30

Strong poison slow: 12%/18%/24%/30%

Duration: 7

Q — Pickpocket

Target unit|Dispellable|Does not pierce SpImm

Rattie steals from target's pockets some gold and leaves poisonous vial. Vial will break when enemy use any item (including neutrals and tp scroll), applying Strong Crippling Potion. Does not break any invisibility and have no cast animation when invisible.

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12

Mana cost: 90/80/70/60

Gold steal: 15/25/35/45

Poisonous vial duration: 10

Cast range: 250

Animation: 0.4/0.2

W — Hide

No target|Undispellable

Hero leaps forward and if there is no enemy in 250 radius become invisible for up to 6 seconds or until item or spell used. Attack from invisibility will deal critical damage and poison enemy with Strong Crippling Poison.

Cooldown: 17/14/11/8

Mana cost: 75

Leap distance: 400

Crit damage: 150%/175%/200%/225%

Cast animation: 0/0

Leap speed: 800

E — Poisoned Dart

Target unit|Magical damage|Dispellable|Does not pierce SpImm

Hero shoots with poisoned dart from his crossbow, applying attack, Strong Crippling Poison and Envenom. Envenom multiples Crippling Poison slow (reduces with duration) and if Envenom dispelled, enemy will take magical damage and become stunned. If used when Hide, this attack from dart will deal critical strike. Cast range is equal to current ranged attack range with Rat Bite (or 600 if not learned).

Cooldown: 12

Mana cost: 50/55/60/65

Dispel damage: 100/175/250/325

Dispel stun: 1.6/2.0/2.4/2.8

Envenom duration: 4

Slow multiplier: 3

Cast animation: 0.4+1

*Slow multiplier reduces every 0.5 second by 0.3, beginning from 3.0 second.


R — Rat Bite

No target|Physical damage/Magical damage|Pierces SpImm

Hero prepares to shoot with his crossbow, changing attack type to ranged. Attacks with crossbow applies Strong Crippling Poison on hit and deals additional magical damage depending on number of Crippling Poison charges on target. Successful lasthit grants you 1 charge if creep was killed or full charges if hero was.

Charge replenishment time: 15/12/10

Max charges: 4/5/6

Mana per shot: 30/40/50

Bonus attack range: 450/550/650

Damage per weak charge: 5/7/9

Damage per strong charge: 35/50/65

Cast animation: 1.0/0

Aghanim's Upgrade: Pickpocket

Increases cast range, amount of gold stolen and mutes when enemy use item.

Scepter cast range: 700

Scepter gold steal: 60/90/120/150

Scepter mute duration: 3/4/5/6


lvl 10: +20 attack speed <|> +2 mp regen

lvl 15: +200 ranged attack range <|> +120 Poison Dart dispel damage

lvl 20: +75% Hide crit dmg <|> x1.5 Crippling Poison slow

lvl 25: -4s R charge replenish time & +4 charges <|> +30 Strong Crippling Poison damage per second


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