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Skill 1 – Plasma Field

Releases a wave of energetic plasma that grows in power as it expands, and drags enemies towards Razer on contraction. The damage and drag both increase with distance from Razer.

Damage Min: 15/25/35/45

Damage Max: 80/115/150/185

Radius: 700

Drag Min: 10% of current distance

Drag Max: 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% of current distance

Skill 2 – Static Link

As 7.27d

Skill 3 – Electrostatic Attraction

Razer copies the next 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 buffs applied to any enemy affected by static link. Does not copy spell immunity buffs or buffs applied before the static link began. May be toggled off.

Buffs applied to Razer also last for 110% / 115% / 120% / 125% of their normal duration.

Skill 4

As 7.27d


Plasma Field (1) gains the utility of dragging distant heroes closer to Razer, allowing Razer to make a long distance static link more solid or set up one that was previously out of reach. The displacement utility is like a large but weak vacuum (without the stun component), bringing heroes closer to his ranged attack and potentially causing disruption in teamfights vs melee dps heroes or other heroes who rely on positioning. However, the slow debuff is removed, forcing Razer to rely on his team to provide followup catch and control against fast heroes. The spell is also significantly nerfed with regards to disengaging from a fight.

Electrostatic Attraction (3) give Razer uncontested solo lane dominance during his static link uptime against a wider range of heroes, especially ones that rely on powerful self buffing spells in lane (refraction, flame guard). Many disengage abilities are less effective against the hero (eg. windrun, surge), making defensive stuns / slows a must. Well timed, enemy healing items / buffs could be copied for free sustain. Tangos / Salves / Clarities / Bottle are also slightly better value due to the regeneration buff lasting longer.

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Mid game, defensive buffs cast onto the static linked target also benefit Razer, allowing easier maintenance of the link against enemies given speed buffs, and also making the Razer equally difficult to take down if the target is defensively buffed. Care must still be taken not to get too far from your team. The copy ability forces enemy heroes to consider delaying powerful buff spells (e.g. Metamorphosis, Gods Strength, Chemical Rage, False Promise) until the static link ends, further enabling his role as anticarry.

The duration improvement means the static link damage buff will continue to scale up for slightly longer for Razer, but the linked hero will not suffer from having reduced damage for any additional time.

Lategame, defensive buffs are improved in duration, playing well into the heroes role as an anticarry and tank. Bkb, Satanic, Lotus, Blademail – these items will all last for a 25% increased duration, making Razer difficult to take down first in the fight.

The bonus duration on buffs applied to Razer compensate for the fact that the hero needs some time to charge up damage before he can become fully effective.

Itemised against, Razer could be baited into copying ghost or euls sceptre buffs and nullifying his damage for significant windows in a teamfight. So the ability comes with a toggle, allowing Razer to disable the buff copying so that only the bonus duration is considered.

Displacement abilities would not be considered buffs in this context (not 100% sure how they are be categorised, but they are not strictly buff effects), so some counterplay against the link is possible through specific item or hero choices (blink, force, pudge support). Carrying some items with inconsequential buffs and using them on the linked hero offers some counterplay once teams start to get items, due to the copied buff limit, but the ability scales as the game goes on and buffs becomes more impactful.

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Razer no longer has a passive speed bonus so he will now also need to itemise for movement speed.


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