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Reasons you should watch DPC China

Hey everyone, with the DPC Leagues about to kick off, I wanted to share what I've been up to specifically regarding the China regional league. Wall of text and pictures incoming — kind of like old days, where I talk about what's going on in China. Except nowadays I get to work on it directly, so that's cool.

In the works for over 6 months, DPC China 2021 presented by Perfect World Esports is set to kick off on January 18 with its first matches. I’ve been working on this from its very conception and I’m pretty excited to finally see it nearing fruition. With the team here at Perfect World Esports, we’ve put together a content, design, and competitive framework to sustain the DPC China League at a Major-level production (that's the goal, anyway), alongside brand new ideations to support this brand new format that the DPC is taking on this year.

We’ve taken extra care to ensure match integrity and have separate dedicated processes for all offline and online matches. Some of our other focuses have revolved around content, community, and visuals, with the theming for this entire year being custom-built from the ground up.

Here is a quick summary of some cool things that we are going to feature for DPC China 2021 and why you should tune in.

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You can also let me know here, or on Twitter, any thoughts/feedback/suggestions.

Full offline LAN environment for Upper division teams

  • Player media day content
  • Warmup rooms
  • Security and gear check
  • Player stage (revealed on Jan 19)
  • Player entry
  • Player cams

Boxes for gear check!

Strict admin processes for all online matches (simulating offline admins as much as possible)

  • Designated voice servers with Perfect World admins present
  • 7 live webcam feeds required for every team
  • Pre-match identity verification processes
  • Dedicated admins per team per match
  • Admins record game and match incidents and notes for every BO3

Official broadcasts for all Upper and Lower division matches in five languages

Stage Opening Ceremony for the DPC CN League on January 18

  • Representatives from all 16 DPC CN teams to be present
  • Mysterious ceremonial activities!
  • 12:00 (UTC+8) on January 18! (about 18 hours from this post!)

A partial view of the stage for Jan 18

Dedicated studio production

  • Themed main player stage (revealed on Jan 19 on stream – be sure to tune in! Links below)
  • Themed analyst desk
  • Themed AR-based caster desk

AR in the production room

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DPC CN Theming

  • Key visual
  • Design ideals
  • Licensed season theme songs

Awesome broadcast features

  • Player autographs
  • Really cool broadcast assets
  • Upper and lower-division specific design
  • Post-match interviews
  • Player cams


Player autographs will be featured in-broadcast!

Cool community stuff

  • Community fan votes
  • Daily predictions
  • Prize draws and giveaways
  • Upcoming content that incorporates community questions
  • Events and holiday-based content

This and more at !

Dedicated web portal for information and content



PSG.LGD, Team Aster, EHOME, Elephant, VG, iG, LBZS, Team Magma


CDEC, RNG, SAG, DLG, Phoenix, Dynasty, Xtreme, Dragon


  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Taking a break for two weeks (Chinese New Year) between Feb 8 – Feb 21
  • Back on Feb 22


Partners:PGL (EN), Maincast (RU), Mediapro (ES/PT)

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Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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