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Redfield and Valentine, The Trouble of Weeping Rose

Redfield and Valentine, The Trouble of Weeping Rose
Weeping Rose is a place of randomness, every man woman and monster alike seeks refuge to this place. Criminals and Mercenaries if not in White Spire are here to make quick money, among them are the duo of Redfield and Valentine. Known for their quick and quiet assassinations both have been all and about making money out of the blood of others. They become well known mercenaries from petty wars to glorious assassinations they will not say no for the right price and this time they are tasked to kill 5 VIPs and their reward? Well whatever the ancient would throw at them.
Redfield is a bit of a muscly man with light clothing holding a flintlock not unlike McRee and Valentine is a tall woman with light corset-exque armor armed with two sais.

Redfield and Valentine, The Trouble of Weeping Rose are an agility duo hero capable of assassinating key targets with easy and quick abilities giving them an edge to some other assassins.


Role: Carry, Initiator, Disabler
Agility 34 + 2.6
Intelligence : 19 + 1.6
Strength 17 + 2.1
Movement Speed: 290
Armor : 1
Damage at Level 1: 45-51
Attack Range: 150 (Valentine) / 500 (Redfield)
Attack Time: 1.6

Innate: Prepare for Trouble

The duo has been quite well known around Weeping Rose, if one is not to die by Valentine's sais then surely you are to Redfield's bullet

Redfield and Valentine are partners. Redfield does not gain bonus HP from items and abilities and can only get bonus HP through growth all bonus HP are transferred to Valentine serving as a shield starting with 300 HP. While alive Valentine receives all the damage and if she drops to 0, Redfield is given a dispel and bonus movement speed. Valentine can be revived through dealing enough damage or after a set amount of time.

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Redfield and Valentine has 2 unique abilities each with independent cooldowns and mana cost and shares 2 abilities that shares cooldowns and mana cost and one which cannot be activated if Valentine is dead.

Breakable? No
Damage Threshold for Revive 600
Respawn Time 25


  • Valentine serves as a summon (similar to Spirit bear) in that she can be controlled individual of Redfield.
  • Both share stats except in strength as only Redfield will be affected by that

Q(Redfield): Flashbang, Point Target

CD: 17/16/15/14 Mana: 120

Sometimes things can be a bit messy and chaotic something only a bright flash can cure.

Throws a flashbang in an area dealing minimal damage while blinding enemies, their attack speed are also reduced.

Damage Type Magical
Damage 80
Miss Chance 30%/40%/50%/60%
Miss Duration 5/6/7/8
Cast Range 500
AOE 400

Q(Valentine): Assassin Leap, Unit Target

Valentine is always quick to the kill

CD: 10 Mana: 40/50/60/70

Leaps to a unit target dealing bonus damage if its an enemy. Deals her damage therefore it can proc on hit effects.

BKB? Yes
Damage Type Physical
Base Damage as Damage 100%
Bonus Damage 80/100/120/140
Cast Range 500/550/600/650

W(Redfield): Lapua Rifle, Unit Target

Assassin's bullet, always Redfield's touch

CD: 12 Mana: 140

Fires a single shot from his rifle dealing 100% of his damage + bonus damage. Can proc on his effects

BKB? Yes
Damage Type Physical
Base Damage as Damage 100%
Bonus Damage 60/80/100/120
Cast Range Current Attack Range + 100/200/300/400

W(Valentine): Poison Bayonet

An agonizing death is the least you want from Valentine

CD: 15/14/13/12 Mana: 90/100/110/120

Throws her knife in a point dealing damage to enemy it goes through. It also poisons them dealing damage over time.

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Damage Type Magical
Damage 100/150/190/220
Damage Over Time 70/80/90/100
Cast Range Global
Max Distance 600/700/800/900
Damage Radius 125

E: Tag, No Target

The speed and ferocity of the duo can make quick work of a target

CD: 15/14/13/12 Mana: 40

Redfield or Valentine rush to one another exchanging positions. While dashing they deal damage and slows enemies they come to contact with. Upon reaching one another Redfield gets bonus cooldown reduction while Valentine gets bonus attack speed.

Can only be activated when both are alive or when they are within a certain radius.

BKB? Yes
Damage Type Physical
Damage 80/100/110/120
Damage Radius 200
Dash Speed 1000
Slow 60%
Slow Duration 1.25/2.5/3.25/4
Search Radius 500/550/600/650
Bonus Attack Speed 60/80/100/120
Cooldown Reduction Bonus 30%/40%/50%/60%

R: Tears of Rose, Point Target

When all else fails, Redfield and Valentine can go full theatrical

CD: 90/80/70 Mana: 100

Valentine rushes on a line dealing her damage while also marking any enemy she collides with after which Redfield fires the current level of Lapua Rifle on all marked targets.

Can only be activated when both are alive and/or are within 600 radius of each other.

BKB? Yes
Damage Type Physical
Valentine's Base Damage as Damage 100%
Cast Range Global
Min Distance 100
Max Distance 500/600/700
Damage Radius 150

Aghanim's Upgrade:

Tears of Rose: Now Valentine upon dashing also puts the current level of Poison Bayonet on marked enemies.

Aghanim's Shard:

Tag: Instead of a slow it now becomes a 1.4 second stun whilst also making both Redfield and Valentine invulnerable and immune to status effects while charging. Upon exchanging as well their next attack gains true strike.


Level Left Right
25: +1.4 Sec Stun Lapua Rifle +170 Bonus Damage Assassin's Leap
20: + 400 Health (Redfield) +30% Chance Pierce (Valentine)
15: +40 Damage (Valentine) + 200 Attack Range (Redfield)
10: +10 Movement Speed +6 Armor
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Author's Notes:

Just an idea for a duo hero. Its been based on the Resident Evil game on how you and your partner needs full cooperation in order to execute certain actions and so you or your partner won't be killed. Now I don't want Valentine to be just another summon one that you can throw at people and stuff, she becomes a sort of mini objective, you don't want her dead due to how you'll be vulnerable when she is out.


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