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Q Fury Crash
Ability No Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Physical
Charge Length 600
Charge Width 300

"I'm not just some reckless street brawler. I use my head to solve my problems!"

Rekk charges headfirst to crush enemies. Enemy units caught by the headbutt are pushed out of the line and take damage. Enemy heroes hit lose Intelligence equal to a percentage of Rekk's Strength.

Level Cooldown Mana Damage Strength as Intelligence Loss Intelligence Loss Duration
1 18 115 100 17% 7
2 17 110 160 23% 7
3 16 105 220 29% 7
4 15 100 280 35% 7

W Dragon Uppercut
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Range 425/450/475/500

Being a southpaw has its advantages. Few drunken fighters ever expect the left hook to their jaw.

Levels up with Crescent Kick.

A brutal punch swings in from the left. Hits enemies in an arc starting from Rekk's left side and ending at the target point.

Enemies hit by Crescent Kick in the last 5 seconds will not be slowed and are instead put to Sleep, a stun that is removed when it is attacked. The attack that ends the sleep does bonus damage.

Level Cooldown Mana Bonus Damage Sleep Duration
1 20 85 100 2.5
2 19 90 110 3
3 18 95 120 3.5
4 17 100 130 4

E Tiger Kick
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Range 450/475/500/525

"I do not fear the man who practices 10,000 kicks. I fear the one who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

Levels up with Dragon Punch.

A roundhouse kick swings in from the right. Deals your attack in an arc starting from Rekk's right side and ending at the target point.

Level Cooldown Mana
1 10 60
2 9 55
3 8 50
4 7 45
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D Ferocity
Ability Passive
Affects Self

Never surrender!

With every attack, swap between a bonus to attack speed and attack damage.

Level Base Attack Bonus
1 30
2 45
3 60
4 75
  • Instant attacks such as those created by Echo Sabre, Dragon Punch, Tiger Kick, or Battojutsu Combo Moves trigger the bonus swap.

Ability Passive
Affects Self

Never surrender!

With every attack, swap between a bonus to attack speed and attack damage.

Level Base Attack Bonus
1 30
2 45
3 60
4 75

R Battojutsu
Ability No Target
Affects Self

The Unbroken champion has learned the ultimate fighting techniques of 6 of his deadliest foes, and has practiced tirelessly to call upon them in the heat of battle.

Rekk meditates, during which he can choose between one of 6 combo moves (same system as Void Spirit's Dissimilate, except it gives a buff instead of blinking to the chosen area) by right clicking in a specific direction. The chosen move is used on the next attack.

Level Cooldown Mana
1 20 50
2 16 55
3 12 60
  • The buff that transforms your next attack into a combo move lasts until you attack, or until you create a new Combo Move.

  • Instant Attacks (Echo Sabre, Dragon Uppercut, Tiger Kick, etc.) will proc the Combo Move.

Battojutsu Combo List:

QWE – Facebreaker – Gains 160/200/240 bonus damage. If there is another enemy within 300 units of Rekk, both units are attacked, dragged in front of him then forced to Sleep for 2/3/4 seconds, or until attacked.

QEW – Empty Fist – Next attack deals no damage to attack target, instead transforming it into an invulnerable projectile with 2000 speed with a 200 unit width that travels up to 1000/1500/2000 units, landing a 180/200/220% crit on enemies hit along the way. Slows enemies for 5 seconds on hit, slow has a base of 20% and increases by 10% per enemy hit.

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EWQ – Cosmic Piledriver – Rekk leaps into the air and carries his attack target with him up to 400 units away, landing his attack on enemies in a 350 unit area and forcing them to Sleep for 2/3/4 seconds, or until attacked.

EQW – Shadow Boxer – Rekk slips behind his attack target and lands an attack using 150/200/250% of the target's attack damage and none of his own. After the strike, the enemy's attack damage is replaced with 50% of Rekk's damage for 4/6/8 seconds.

WQE – One Inch Punch – Rekk's next attack becomes a linear skillshot 180/200/220% crit with a length of 1200, a width of 300, and 9999 projectile speed, but must be made from at least 300 range.

WEQ – Storm of Fists – Your next attack triggers a flurry of 5/6/7 attacks over the course of 1.2 seconds. Each attack only deals 50% attack damage and applies a stacking 15% slow that lasts up to 6 seconds. The flurry ends if the target moves more than 400/450/500 units away from you.


+12% Lifesteal 10 +12% Magic Resistance
+25 Movement Speed 15 -5 Fury Crash Cooldown
+50 Attack Damage 20 +150 Fury Crash Damage
+200% Dragon Punch Critical Strike 25 1.5x Battojutsu Combo Move Damage


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