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Revealing my new free dota coaching platform!

Hello r/dota2!

I have been working for a few months on building a platform to deliver free coaching. There are great coaching communities on Discord (like Kio’s Academy, helping me during the alpha). but I felt a gap: No dedicated platform that really brings all the features you would like. Reviews, stats, profiles and the ability to filter through coaches.

You have probably seen a bunch of coaching websites, such as Gamer Sensei, however, they offer paid coaching services only. In contrast to that, what I am trying to do is building a community where you can begin your journey into the world of coaching.

To ease your entry into the world of coaching, I have implemented a replay analysis system. With this, students are able to submit a match ID on the front page and coaches are able to view a list of submitted replays to choose from.

Replay analysis

As a coach, head to to choose a replay that you would like to analyze. You may filter by MMR, role, hero and more. Once you have made your choice, you can review the replay and fill out the feedback form. Very simple. No need to schedule a meeting, use voice chat and analyze live, which might be daunting as a beginner coach. After that the student can review your analysis on your coaching profile.

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find a replay to analyze

Once you have logged in, you can also get a statistics dashboard, showing your recent performances. This will be improved later on, so you can follow on different graphs how you have evolved since every coaching session, showing average GPM, last hits and stuff like that.

stats dashboard

This is the coaching profile, where you can add links to your youtube channel, twitch, discord community etc. This is a placeholder profile, I am reviewing myself, I know

coach profile

The site goes from alpha to beta with this reddit post – and there's currently 12 coaches on the site. Right now it works like this, as a coach you can have 5 "active applicants" then you are removed from the frontpage. To once again show up, you simply have to accept or decline students. This is implemented so that all coaches has a chance to get students. These 12 coaches might disappear fast, so feel free to sign up and assign yourself as a coach!

As a student you can apply to 1 coach every day. To remove spam and to increase the chance of the student committing to the coach. So choose wisely! This may sound low, but at the end of the week you could possibly have 7 coaches guiding you. that's pretty a lot

Right now i expect the vast majority of coaches to be free, but you could require payment if you want, then you would have to use your own payment provider like paypal. Later down the line i will possibly implement an in house system for payments. (But that requires creating a company and a ton of extra work and legal things. So it will probably stay free for a long time or forever)

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Let me know what you think and feedback is greatly appreciated! I'm a solo developer so things will probably be breaking and it won't be perfect, but with your feedback I think it could turn out pretty great!



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