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Review of PSG vs Secret Bounty Contest, 2 games

In this thread I will critique and review the bounty rune contest strategies employed by professional teams and also try to describe what each team did incorrect and what they should've done instead. I will basically provide a youtube video link and then have a description of what happened written underneath it, and then a commentary section where I'll point out what I think was wrong and what was correct. I'll keep adding these examples.

This is a continuation to a previous thread on the topic of contesting bounty runes, which I'm primarily discussing whether to divide the team up as 3-2, 4-1 or 5-0 concerning the left and the right sides of the map.

In this division there's no "mid". Basically by locating around the midlaner tower, the midlaner can essentially contribute to the defense of the bounty rune on their side of the map. So if you're at the midlane tower early on, your on the side corresponding to your bounty spawn.

E.g. Dire midlaner at the tower is on the right side, Radiant midlaner at the midlane tower is on the left side

Secret vs PSG.LGD Game 1 | Bo3 | Upper Bracket ONE Esports Singapore Major DPC 2021

In this match Radiant was team PSG. The camera follows the Radiant early on. They use smoke very early in order to allow splitting the team into a 4-1 formation, so that the midlaner gets the smoke of deceit as well even though he doesn't join the rest of the team going to the RHS of the map. The midlaner wards the enemy mid using the smoke and falls back to defend their own midlane tower or is within it's protection, and encounters Ember Spirit from opposing team, who remains at their midlane tower.

Team Secret Troll Warlord goes to the safety of their safelane tower, but maintains the option to try and get the Bounty Runes, they're just not going to approach the spawns too early on. The 4 people going on the RHS have Clockwerk leading the raid with the remaining 3 people following somewhat further behind. The encounter enemy Mirana at the Secret Shop, who starts backing away towards the offlane tower. Clockwerk is closely followed behind by Monkey King, who tries to make a single attack. Dire has a couple of heroes at the higher ground bounty spawn staircase, basically ready to jump the people who charge the secret shop.

There's a slight element of trying to make the opponent commit to the fight in the Radiant approach, because they're not all going at the same time, so it may for a second look like there's only 2 people storming the secret shop, thus potentially making the enemy retreat too late.

The Dire has Mirana take this secret shop spot, because Mirana has the leap, so they can retreat easily. The Radiant also quickly realizes they can't gank Mirana because of her escape ability, and abort the gank attempt. So far both teams have basically used the 4-1 split.

The Safelane Dire's Troll Warlord starts approaching the bounty spawns after enemies have been detected on the RHS of the map. The Radiant dissolves their gank attempt and send out 2 people on the offlane, midlaners on both side prepare to block creeps, but the Dire keeps 3 people at the secret shop. Now the teams have changed their split. Dire still keeps their 4-1 split, but because the Ember Spirit is preparing to block creeps, they're no longer properly on either side of the map. Meanwhile the Radiant has gone for a 3-2 split, with the same kind of approach, that the Death Prophet Midlaner is preparing to block creeps. Winter Wyvern and Bloodseeker try to get the LHS bounties, with WW staying at the HG bounty, and Bloodseeker challenging the river bounty. Meanwhile on the RHS Clockwerk is alone trying to get the River bounty, with Monkey King remaining at a safe distance away. Clockwerk manages to get the rune, but gets ganked by Dire. Meanwhile the Troll Warlord who is alone trying to contest the LHS river bounty is successful, and the bounties are split 2-2, with Dire getting a gank on top of that.

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Dire's strategy was a bit more solid than Radiant's in this game. They went for a safe 4-1 split with the lone person on LHS waiting at the tower before they decide whether to approach the bounties or not, and meanwhile had 4 people indirectly contributing to the RHS bounties. The Radiant instead opted to try and assault the enemy's bounty spawns with the smoke.

Radiant stormed the secret shop considerably early before the bounties actually were about to spawn and were just kind of hoping the opposing side would get into a losing fight, without there being a real incentive for that, and this basically failed.

What I think each side should've done instead?

I think Dire's play was correct and there's nothing to critique about it, but Radiant misplayed. They had 4 people jump the enemy's bounty but had no way of forcing the enemy to commit to the fight and were so early that this didn't allow securing a rune either. Additionally they went for the secret shop which is close to the Offlane tower, and also it's still low ground relative to the higher bounty spawn. They could've either waited longer before trying this or they could've taken the high ground and the midlane bounty rune. After the failed gank attempt, they kind of went for this greedy strategy of trying to get 3 bounties runes but risking getting into a losing fight on both sides of the map, and lost on RHS. This could've been a gamble of sorts because the opponent already saw there plenty of heroes on RHS side, and maybe they thought that the opponents would think they'd keep all these heroes on the same side of the map and wouldn't try to contest the river rune, or something like that. But basically the key problem is they switched to this 3-2 pattern from the 4-1 pattern they had at first, which resulted to a takedown, even though clockwerk was able to snatch the rune against 3 people, which shouldn't have happened, but did. They could've instead kept their 4-1 pattern on this side, or flipped it around, so you would have everyone on the LHS of the map instead, this way they woud've gotten 2 Runes almost certainly and would've probably been able to gank the Troll who came to contest the LHS rune. Overall I think Dire's Contest play was pretty sharp, but Radiant's was pretty bad.

Secret vs PSG.LGD Game 3 | Bo3 | Upper Bracket ONE Esports Singapore Major DPC 2021

Same teams, same event, but another game. This team PSG has the Dire side, and Secret has the Radiant side. Let's see if Secret outplays the PSG team in the bounty contest stage again, I haven't watched the video yet, but we'll see…

…Yep, basically team Secret played the bounty contest much better than PSG, again. But let's actually happened first. Secret is playing on the Radiant side and they're going for a 4-1 split, basically the same kind of pattern in the very start of the game, smoke of deceit early, midlaner goes to wards and then retreats back to tower, while everyone else goes on the RHS. So it's a 4-1 split with the Midlaner basically being on the LHS and the 4 others going on the RHS.

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Meanwhile the Dire side is trying to gank the midlaner, they're basically all huddled close to the center and anticipating the midlaner to place a ward and try to catch them. This is not successful. At this stage the Dire side is doing a bit like a 3-2 split, except that the safelane people are remarkably close to the midlane tower, so they're not really committing on either side properly, but are kind of lingering in between. Meanwhile Team secret is going to try and take the high ground (unlike PSG who went for the secret shop which I critiqued for the previous game) notably though they're not all together instead Phantom Assassin is much further back and is going to go towards the River bounty instead, but they still basically have 4 people on RHS and the midlaner is at the midlane tower, basically on the LHS. Secret gains control of the high ground on RHS bounty spawn, and remain in ambush for the opponents when they try to get their high ground bounty. Fight breaks out and Dire is still in this 3-2 pattern without the 2 LHS people really contributing on either side of the map for now, they're just waiting to decide which way they're going to go, but it's too late. Enemy shadow shaman comes to check out of the HG, and gets ganked. The midlaner starts to transfer on the RHS to join the fight on the enemy bounties. After the successful gank, Puck retreats (Radiant midlaner), but now Team Secret's Windranger misplays, they go too deep presumably because they want to help the Puck, but this is regardless a mistake. The 2 people on the Dire side now transfer to the middle so they're in 5-0 pattern but they've already lost 1 person due to their earlier misplay, but this is counter-balanced by Windranger's mistake who commits too deep and gets ganked where as if he had just retreated to the HG with others there would've been no such problem. Meanwhile Secret now goes for the 4-1 pattern with Puck trying to get the LHS bounties, and the 4 others (which of WR just died) decide they cant contest the HG bounty anymore, and instead retreat and just try to settle for the River bounty. Puck is also observant and notices that there's probably free runes on the LHS, because Dire has everyone on the RHS. SO they're basically in the 5-0 and Puck recognizes that due to the information available. Ember Spirit just goes to block midlane creeps and Lycan stays back for safety. Monkey King tries to secure the HG bounty with Elder Titan trying to see if they can contest the River bounty on the RHS.

The result, Secret gets 3 bounties and both sides lose 1 hero.

What I think each side should've done instead?

Again strategically Secret was superior in this game and they contested the bounty runes correctly, while PSG was kind of not really knowing what they're trying to do, they basically tried to keep this fluid formation so they can decide which way they want to go, but this was no good coz that just meant they got the proper formation late, while Secret was already in the proper formation.

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Dire, that is team PSG gave up their own high ground without even contesting the LHS bounties, and they lost 1 person just trying to reclaim the HG. Without Windranger's misplay on Radiant side this would've been a complete victory for Radiant, but their eye for was just slightly off. Had the realized Puck can escape with his abilities and doesn't need help, they could've retreated in time and they could've maintained control of the HG, and would've probably gotten 3 bounties without losing anyone, while enemy team would've risked losing another hero just contesting the HG.

So this is a good example because basically secret did exactly the thing correctly, that PSG failed to correctly in the previous game. So if you look at both of these videos, you can tell Secret has worked out what to do in the Bounty Contest stage properly, while PSG hasn't done that, so this seems to be a weakness in their team strategy based on these 2 clips.

I'll just post these 2 brief reviews as is and probably make another post later with additional reviews

This was pretty brief could've gone more in depth to the actual choices of heroes and how those impacted the contest process, but just based on what I saw so far, it's clear one team seems to be stronger at the bounty contest stage.

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