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Rework on some of Enchantress’ abilities

Content of the article: "Rework on some of Enchantress’ abilities"

Enchantress before her rework at 7.23 was a force to be reckoned with. She was a popular offlaner, Untouchable as a basic ability that can be learned at lvl 1 made this possible. But changes arrived and she molded to be more inclined at supporting. Now, she is not only as fragile as a creep, deals damage that does not scale well as the game progress, and her supporting skill is somewhat dull in my opinion. I think we are all aware that her power spike is at the laning stage but beyond that, she declines down from effectiveness.

Impetus and Enchant being powerful skills is in no doubt her only skills that makes her what she is right now. But here's my sents :

1.) Nature's Attendants is crazy strong during laning stage, but the phases beyond that it begins to lose its effectivity. It is a powerful heal, yes, but a very conditional one. During teamfights it is quite unreliable for Enchantress is not a hero that usually gets into the middle of clashes due to her unbelievable squishyness.

2.) Untouchable is just centered for Enchantress, and is quite ineffective and lackluster in its current form. It demands another feature, another dimension for it to be an actual decent ability.

My rework allows her to offer some kits to support her allies without even risking herself to dive into battles, and also amplify her supporting prowess which is what she is highly used, as a position 5. Even if she decides to play the game as a core or maybe shift from support to core, she will still have some ways to support allies.

Nature's Attendants – Same number of wisps and heal they grant per second, also same duration. This time after activation, this ability changes into a sub-ability that allows Enchantress to target an ally unit. A wisp is send out towards the target ally to heal it with the same amount. The wisps lasts for the same duration both on enchantress and allies.

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Untouchable – Passively causes all enemies that will attempt to attack Enchantress to have their attack speed immediately slowed significantly (same amount as current). My rework on this skill is it gains an active component, allows Enchantress to target an ally hero, hero-creep or tower. Upon affecting an ally, all enemies that are about to attack or cast a single-target spell to the target will have their attack and spell attempt cancelled instantly, means all mid-air attacks and spell casts are interrupted. The Untouchable effect grant to an ally lasts for 5/6.5/8 seconds. This ability has 60 seconds cooldown.

Enemy wards and towers cannot be affected by the attack speed slow. The spell's spell-immunity piercing capability is also applied to the target. Note that attacks and spell attempts are only cancelled and this skill is not an actual interrupt (e.g. for cancelling channeling).

I also might want to alter some of her talent tree options but i just want to focus on her skills first.


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