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Roshan — In a dimension where he never killed a shopkeeper

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This Roshan is a bit "far-fetch" from the Roshan we all know. But there's like, a day left and I'm attempting a weird technique of making a hero that fills 3 contracts at once so this hero is a bit of a crude design. Sorry.

This Roshan dives into the idea of "What if Roshan NEVER killed a shopkeeper?" He loves items as evidenced by him and holding 4 of it and so I thought maybe he's become a successful smith? A shopkeeper's apprentice? And so this hero is born.

The hero revolves around collecting 'crafting essences' achieved by his and by sacrificing gold to convert. (Roshan can have this value shown as a unique interface in his UI.) His innate can then, spend these essences to create unique items exclusive for Roshan's use only. Selling his items return 50% of the original crafting essence cost.


Among the farthest dimension, way beyond the remotest of universal permutations, the strings of fate thread itself in ways far different… and stranger. In this particular timeline, the mad moon never cracked, and Roshan is not known as a daunting monster cursed in his hunger for power. No, he was but a humble smeevil servant who never fell for the same temptations brought by the artifacts' influence. Instead, he focused his talents on craftsmanship, blacksmith, and artistry just to follow the footsteps of the old shopkeeper master he revered. And quite the prodigy of a smeevil he is! His talents have bested even the finest smiths and craftsmen throughout the country. It is only but a matter of time that rumors of him will hit continent, and then the world. As a matter of fact, in this strange land, he was already under the favor of the gods to be a future shopkeeper worthy of handling even the most powerful items for worthy costumers.

Soon, he began to mess with several tools and techniques of creation. It cannot be a coincidence, for him, to come across a Dire Tome, a grimoire of demonic origin and inscribed are forbidden soul gathering rituals and essence-crafts. It was given to him by a four-armed wizard who recognized his talents. Quickly, he make work.

But complacency got to him, the strange world haven't quite accepted the idea of a smeevil outclassing the masters. And because he is not a shopkeeper YET, he can be killed. So in brutal violence, it was so. However, Roshan's killers underestimated his ability far more than they belittle his talents. This may be a strange realm, but Roshan NEVER say 'no' to power. Resurrected by an artifact of his own design, inspired by the very Aegis he admired, Roshan devoured the very essences of his attackers. Finally! A procurement of souls to use as experimental materials for his next craft!

Roshan had many questions and epiphanies that day. If this world would not accept him, what of other worlds? And what is this temptation of power ringing at him like what he almost felt all those years ago? If there's one thing he's ecstatic to try, it's to find the dimension-hopping wizard and bring him to a dimension filled with strife so he can test (and quench) his new-found love for crafts and violence.


Devour Essence — Roshan devours a unit's essence. Deals high damage to a target. If a creep is killed, Roshan will also devour it's gold bounty, gaining 'crafting essences' equal to the amount of gold instead. Targeting a hero will cost crafting essences, but if the hero is killed, Roshan gains essences AND gold. Neutral creeps killed this way are 3x more likely to drop neutral items.

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ABILITY Target enemy unit
CAST POINT 0.2+0.8
Damage 100 / 175 / 250 / 325
Hero-target essence cost 225
COOLDOWN 15 / 12 / 9 / 6

Slam Bash — Slams the ground and gains bash attacks for a duration.

CAST POINT 0.4+0.8
Damage 40 / 80 / 120 / 160
Radius 500
Move Slow 15% / 25% / 35% / 45%
Slow Duration 3
Basher Mode Duration 15
Bash Chance 20%
Bash Stun Duration 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4
MANA 120

Armsmaster — Passively reduces Forge cast point and mana cost. Can be activated to devour gold and convert to crafting essences. This ability can be used while dead.

Crafting Essences – Used by his Forge innate ability. They passively decay into experience at a rate of 1.2 essence to exp per second.

Forge cast point reduction 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Forge mana cost reduction 20 / 40 / 60 / 80
Gold converted 75 / 150 / 225 / 300

Totem of the Immortal — Forges a powerful Item-totem! Allied heroes can right-click the totem to gain protection against death. If users take fatal damage with the totem's buff, they take a strong dispel and return to the totem with 1HP and hpregen equal to a portion of their maxhealth. Totem lasts 50s or whenever the last of its buff is gone, whichever is longest. If destroyed, all ongoing protection buffs will disappear.

ABILITY Target Point
CAST POINT 1.2 + 0.2
Totem health 500
Totem minimum duration 50
Buff duration 30
maxhp as return hpregen 2.5% / 5% / 7.5%
return regen duration 10
MANA 150 / 250 / 350
  • It will be the first to trigger before any other "death effects" like Reincarnations or Eldritch Diadem.
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Forge — Innate. Spend crafting essences to create an item 150 units in front of him. The item creates depends on Roshan's current active blueprint.

ABILITY: Target Point
  • Can be hold by other players, but are disabled.
  • Cannot be sold, except by Roshan himself, who returns it as 50% of the original essence cost.
  • Can be destroyed. Be careful forging in the open as items are created dropped on the ground!

Blueprint — Scry through Roshan's crafting blueprints for an item to be forged.


Aegis of the Everlasting Blueprint 25 Eldritch Diadem Blueprint
Soul of Fire Blueprint 20 Paroxysm Blueprint
Lionheart Blueprint 15 Aureum Blueprint
Improve Vampiric Potion 10 Improve Potent Gem


LEVEL 0 (available at the start of the game)

Vampiric Potion – 75e (T: 175e)
Consumable: Adds 20 (T:40) bonus damage and 30% (T:60%) lifesteal to the hero. Lasts 12 seconds.
Potent Gem – 75e (T: 175e)
Consumable: Restores 150 (T:300) mana over 12 seconds and gives 10% (T:20%) spell amp for the duration.


Lionheart – 1500e
+15 attack damage, +20 attack speed.
Active, 20CD: Grants 20% damage resistance. After the buff, heals user for 50% of all damage taken. 5 seconds.
Aureum – 1500e
no stats
Active, 20: Deals 650 pure damage to non-hero units in 500 AoE. 600 cast range.


Soul of Fire – 2750e
+20 health regen, +10% movespeed
Passive: Deals 50% of all healing the user received as damage in surrounding 800 AoE.
**Active, 150MN, 25CD: Instantly heal 400 HP.
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Paroxysm – 2750e
+15% cooldown reduction
Passive: Roshan's Slam Bash grants a 15s duration, single-use spell-block and +8 Slam damage per minute game-time


Aegis of the Everlasting – 4500e
Passive: Strength attribute gives +20% more health and health regen.
Passive: +1 str, +0.5 agi and int per minute game-time.
Eldritch Diadem – 4500e
+33% debuff duration amp
Active, 150MN, 120CD: All nearby enemies in 900 radius would be stunned and take 100% more damage from all sources for 3s. The debuff pauses whenever the units are stunned/sleeped/cycloned, making them stunned for longer.


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