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Rough translation for IG.kaka’s thoughts on the Grand Final

Noticed a growing trend in interest for Chinese memes and players, so I'll try to translate what kaka said in his stream regarding the Singapore Major. Do note that kaka is known for murmuring, there's a joke in the Chinese community that even those who know Chinese needs subtitle to understand him. So I'll try my best. (URL: This is the source). The source is a compilation, so I had to make out what the question was. The flow of the Stream also jumps from game to game.

Q: What are your thoughts about being 2 games behind.

Kaka: Panicked at first, but kept my cool. Discussed what to do during team fights. Always on the lookout to spike carapace razor and focus him. Decide to focus the Razor instead of Storm since Razor is better at long engagements. Storm can't do much without mana.

Q: Do you know about Emo's question mark and all chatting "Let's see who's the real evil genius"?

Kaka: Didn't notice, I'm always thinking about what to do next. Do I need to control rune for mid, or fill up Emo's bottle, whether EG is gonna tri-lane. How to play the mid-game, etc

Q: Why did you all tipped abed?

Kaka: Cos he always played Storm. All but JT tipped. So I asked JT if he's leaving his options open, hoping to play for a SEA team (so don't wanna offend Abed) (As a joke). In the end, JT tipped due to peer pressure.

Q: Did this remind you of TI7 final? (Where they lose 0-3 to Liquid) (Edit)

Kaka: not really. But afraid to be swept by a foreign team. If it's China vs China, it's chill. If lost 0-3 against foreign team, will get flamed a lot (Netizen would say shit like, LGD will win, IG prevented a Chinese Major Champion, etc). Losing 0-3 is like electro-shock therapy, if it shocks you once, you are afraid of being shockedelectroshock for the rest of your life.

Kaka: IG likes to joke around, their training match against VP, Secret and EG resulted in a 0-6 losing streak. Everyone on the team joking around, saying don't play like the training matches. Secret played Tinker during a training match, that's why IG banned it.)

Q: Lion or Shadow Shaman?

Kaka: Lion has a higher margin of error, Shaman is good against some heroes in lane. Lion plays a faster tempo than Shaman. Every time I play Shaman, I need aether lens, but teammate wants to smoke gank. But I prefer Shaman, farm faster. Lion farm slow, if blink initiate, will definitely die. Shaman can shackle from a safe with aether lens

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Q: About emo's pause mid fight (I think it's against VG)

Kaka: I got stuck in the woods, so I asked my teammate to cut the trees, but they thought I lagged (Stuck in Chinese is ka, I'm sure you guys know what kale means). Emo thought he lagged (Especially with kaka's murmurs)

Q: When did we know about banning Beast and EarthSpirit

Kaka: Wanted to try out if they can win against them. Even wanted to let puck go but didn't dare. Since We lost, we wanna change it up (banning Beast and ES in later games).

Kaka: RTZ's build was a bit weird. The Lotus was a bad choice, maybe they thought they had it in the bag.

Kaka: Emo didn't ask his teammates when he "?" EG.

Q: Why did u pick Void.

Kaka: Don't wanna talk about it. It's pretty pathetic. Safe-lane said easy lane, sure fat. JT also said: Against Bloodseeker ez game. But min 3 in the game, bot lane say GG cannot lane, come bot help. Top also say GG can't fight come top kill Beast. Then I know GG already.

Q: What about your fight against Secret.

Kaka: Very tired after the LGD game, missing CS, generally felt very bad. Needed more time to rest.

Q: About Grand Final Game 3

Kaka: flyfly wanted to play morph, but decided on Sven since he farms faster. They knew they were gonna win the mid high ground fight (The turning point of the series) since Sven got BKB. Was watching the ES during the end of the fight, know that he's rolling into me, so I euled and spiked carapace. Was able to keep my cool. I think that Storm didn't have gem, he would have seen me with true sight and BKBed.

Q: thoughts on Emo

Kaka: Mad lad, lose two games still dare to ?. I won't dare. Don't think it's nice but guess it's okay. Young people need some defiance in them. Emo is the confident type, even when his losing he's very confident. Emo is the type who won't be affected after losing 2 games. Felt Abed was daydreaming in the last few matches. Didn't expect the 5 games of Storm. Even if Storm is good for the draft, the drafter should respect the player. If the Mid is sick and tired of the hero, change it up a bit. It's better to listen to the players, if they don't want to play some heroes, don't draft them.

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Q: thoughts on IG

EG is very motivated, before every game they'll boost each other's morale. Before every game, IG players said "There's still one more game" (The same thing sccc said to Newbie before their last game against Liquid at TI7 grand final) (As a joke). IG players like to meme, kept parroting what sccc said to me during TI7 grand final. Was lucky in Game 3, got the agh instead of refresher shard from Rosh. I played a lot of Nyx, I know that razor is gonna use his Q to farm, so I spiked carapaced him. A support player needs to have ideas (creativity) on how to fight.

Q: thoughts on EG

Kaka: Don't feel that they are that powerful. Felt more stressed playing against LGD. Since we played a lot with LGD and lost many games to them. I was on top form against LGD (first game), first time getting a 14 min blink. If I played normal, we'd lose, or won with much more difficulty).

Q: Did you message SCCC

Kaka: What do I message him? That we reverse swept EG? That's very awkward. Should I say: sccc, I'm going to TI again!" (sccc is a very positive (正能量) man, people like to meme him and see his reaction, especially this Major, due to its likeliness to TI7 grand final (being 0-2 behind). People were spamming "Chen Ge (Sccc Bro) I'm going to TI again" on his stream when IG won.)

Q: What did you think of Shrimp bro's (iceiceice) blackhole.

kaka: It isn't his fault. It looks funny but he did what he suppose to do. Since we just walked away, it made him look like an idiot. But he should have just cancelled and run away, no point casting the full blackhole.

Q: What are the differences between this (Grand Final) and TI7 Grand Final.

Kaka: Lots of difference. Wasn't matured enough during TI7, now I'm more composed. But from time to time, I still made small mistakes.

Q: On the first Blackhole

Kaka: Didn't know Enigma TPed bot, no vision. Enigma turned before blackhole, would have pulled me in if he didn't turn. Small mistake.

Kaka watching replay: (Min 18) Why was my blink on CD? oh, cos RTZ activated spell Immune (Rage). Didn't communicate well, I should have blink hex immediately after Spec ult. I wasn't fast enough. (Fight at min 26) Very important fight, (The enigma was hiding behind RTZ, but the ward saw it.) The Ward was very good, After we won that fight we know we'd win. Since our draft is more tailored towards late game. The ward is very important, it gave us time to react (Against a potential Blink Blackhole). Still felt weird though, Enigma got his blink off despite Haunt (Iceiceice blinked right before the first hit of Haunt illusion). Luckily for the ward, we saw Iceiceice coming. Didn't really expect Enigma could get his blink off. iceiceice played very well, but he was unlucky. We all saw Enigma coming with the Ward. (Min 29): Didn't expect EG to walk high ground (Since no blackhole), was thinking of blink hex, but my teammates ditched me. After we won that teamfight, we Roshed and knew we'd win. Just need to wait for Spec ult. Our draft is late game, EG is early game. As long as we didn't get blackholed 4 ppl, we'd win.

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Kaka: Hotel internet is slow, can't play Dota, so I'm not slacking. (Then with great happiness and enthusiasm, he opened CSGO).

There was a lot of content, So I only translated the part that I felt was interesting. Sorry for my Singlish and bad Grammar. I'm not a professional translator.

Edit: Made a minor edit, the video uploader just made Chinese subtitles lol, kaka really murmurs a lot, I misheard something just now. Thanks for the views and upvote!


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