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Rubick’s Spell Steal should be able to steal every active spell, too many spells are unstealable as of 7.28

Pre-Aghs Shard Update:

Before the Aghanim’s Shard update, Rubick was only unable to steal a hand full of spells, most of which were either useless on their own (Quas, Wex, Exort, Invoke), caused server crashing bugs (Morph), for unknown reason (Mortal Strike, Walrus Kick), should have been bound to other spells (Stone Remnant, Mischief, Stone Form) or they already used to be bound to other spells in the past (Minefield Sign).

Previously unstealable spells (pre-7.28):

Post-Aghs Shard Update:

As of the Aghanim’s Shard update, which turned a decent amount of spells from passives into actives, he is currently unable to steal most of these newly active spells.

Initially, just after the update dropped, Rubick was able to steal some of the passives (e.g. Gravekeeper’s Cloak), but not all of them (e.g. Essence Flux).

But currently he cannot steal any of them, except for Zeus’ Static Field (which does nothing on its own, unless Rubick has a shard himself).

Currently unstealable spells (7.28c):

Proposal regarding the new Aghs Shard spells:

There are two ways to solve the issue with these castable passives being unstealable:

1) Simply make them stealable in general, if the enemy upgraded them and used their active components.

  • This would give Rubick a passive spell (until he buys Aghs Shard), which is a bit weird, but shouldn’t be an issue functionally (Static Field currently functions like this).

  • This would be in line with the Spell Steal behaviour regarding Aghanim’s Scepter bonus spells though (Rubick does not need Aghs himself to steal separate Aghs spells, e.g. Eyes in the Forest).

2) Make them only stealable, if Rubick has an Aghanim’s Shard himself.

  • That way he wont get passive abilities into his stolen spell slots, due to them being Aghs Shard upgraded and therefore castable.

  • This would not be in line with the Spell Steal behaviour regarding Aghanim’s Scepter bonus spells though.

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Remaining unstealable spells:

For the other unstealable spells I came up with some possible solutions, which should enable Rubick to effectively utilise every active ability in the game, except for maybe Morphling’s Morph (it is currently too buggy, even if force enabled) and maybe Invoke (useless on its own and without orbs).

Quas, Wex, Exort:

While the three orbs are not truly useless on their own (their buffs do provide something), being able to deny Rubick a proper spell to steal would be too strong of a counter to Rubick.

– Instead Rubick should get the same instances of Quas, Wex, Exort as a passive buff (same level as Invoker’s currently leveled orbs), depending on which spell he stole off of Invoker.

  • E.g. stealing Sun Strike would grant Rubick 3 Exort instance buffs, while stealing Deafening Blast would grant him one Quas, one Wex and one Exort buff each.

While this does not give Rubick the orbs themselves, he at least gets their benefits, albeit not being able to change their benefits at will.


Currently unstealable due to being an innate ability and denying Rubick a "real spell" would be too good.

– Bind Mischief to Wukong’s Command and give Rubick both if he manages to steal Wukong’s Command.

  • This should of course not work in reverse. Rubick does not get Wukong’s Command if he uses Spell Steal on MK whose most recently cast spell was Mischief.

Binding it to MK’s other spells (doesnt fit) or making it separately stealable (meh on its own) seem less ideal.

Minefield Sign:

This one used to be stealable by stealing either Land Mines (Proximity Mines) or Stasis Traps, but not stealable on its own (due to being useless without Aghs).

Not sure which patch undid this, but Rubick used to get the Sign alongside Techies’ non-ultimate mines (he even had a small Rubick icon on his sign).

– Bind Minefield Sign to Proximity Mines and Stasis Traps, like it used to be the case in older versions of Dota 2.

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The planted sign does not despawn upon stealing a different spell, so it can be used with stolen Remote Mines as well.

Stone Form (Visage):

Visage’s own Stone Form spell is currently fully unstealable, despite being a sub-spell of Summon Familiars.

– Stealing Summon Familiars should grant him Stone Form (Hero) as well.

  • This should of course not work in reverse. Rubick does not get Summon Familiars if he uses Spell Steal on Visage whose most recently cast spell was Stone Form (Hero).

Stone Remnant:

Rubick does not get Stone Remnant when stealing any of Earth Spirit’s spells.

In return he currently may use ES’ already placed remnants to enhance his stolen spells, and therefore denies Earth Spirit from using them himself, but that is rather cumbersome and barely worth the effort.

– Stone Remnant should be bound to some (all?) of Earth Spirit’s spells, that way Rubick can enhance ES’ stolen spells freely and without restrains.

  • In return he would be unable to interact with Earth Spirit’s own remnants and vice versa.


Useless on its own and useless with the orbs being unstealable themselves.

– While not really being that creative, Rubick could be given both of Invoker’s currently invoked spells, when he uses Spell Steal on Invoker who most recently used Invoke as a stealable ability (therefore not preventable by using Quas, Wex or Exort, only by using actual spells).

This might be too big of an advantage against Invoker players, hence this being put into the 'maybe' category.


Morph is currently very bugged and either crashes the lobby or causes very weird issues (such as these: upon using Morph Replicate (its sub-spell) when force enabled.

Morph behaves rather stable (would need some cleanup work) when its sub-spell is not used (as in Rubick is stuck in its morphed form until it expires, he may not shift between forms at will).

– Morph could be made stealable by applying a few restrictions to it, such as:

  • Hides Rubick’s own abilities, except for Spell Steal, while morphed into another hero. (currently this does not happen for all of his abilities:

  • Cannot use Morph Replicate to switch back to the Rubick form (causes too many bugs).

  • Temporarily hides the Morph spell on Rubick’s HUD, until he unmorphs.

  • Rubick unmorphs prematurely when he when he dies (Aegis and real death), when he loses the Morph spell (Spell Steal buff expires), or acquires a new stolen spell (uses Spell Steal while morphed or used it shortly before morphing).

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While these restrictions make Morph a bit less desirable (when compared with the proper spell), it still makes it sufficiently usable and gives Rubick players yet another tool to utilise.

Video (just Morph): (current behaviour)

  • Rubick’s passive needs to be hidden („Morph“ uses a whitelist for spells to hide?), Morph would be replaced by Spell Steal (to prevent multiple form shifts) and he obviously could not have another stolen spell alongside Morph

Video (Morph + Morph Replicate): (current behaviour)

  • As mentioned, it behaves very buggy and strange, depending on who you morph into (stats & movement speed randomly become zero or a very large number, various visual glitches, persists throughout unmorphing and deaths, rarely causes lobby crashes)


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