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Severe Wukong’s Command bug: Clones won’t de-aggro invisible units and stop attacking altogether

Content of the article: "Severe Wukong’s Command bug: Clones won’t de-aggro invisible units and stop attacking altogether"

This is a rather severe bug involving the Wukong’s Command clones and units turning invisible:

Monkey King’s clones stop attacking but stay aggroed onto units that turn invisible, if no source of True Sight is present upon the enemy unit turning invisible.

The issue with this is, that they do not de-aggro the unit (and therefore wont resume attacking any unit), as long as the enemy stays within the respective clone’s proximity.

This makes Wukong’s Command easily counterable by Glimmer Cape, Shadow Amulet, Shadow Blade and every invisiblity spell, including the ones that provide True Sight immune invisibility (Blur, Shadow Dance).

A hero can therefore stay in the Monkey King ultimate without getting hit by the MK clones.

It even allows additional enemy heroes to enter the center of the MK ult without getting hit, due to the 5 center clones being aggroed onto the formerly invisible enemy hero.

Video (aggro abuse):

This behaviour is easily and consistently reproducable with most sources of invisibility.

It technically also works with Ninja Gear’s smoke, due to Ninja Gear force applying its smoke buff for 0.1 seconds plus 1 server tick, even if there are units that would "immediately" dispel it (this is a bug exclusive to Ninja Gear), but it is quite hard to successfully do this consistently.

It cannot be reproduced with Smoke of Deceit, due to Smoke not placing its buff onto units, if there are heroes, towers or (any) clones within its proximity range.

Current behaviour: Monkey King clones stay aggroed onto invisible units and do not re-aggro onto other eligible targets.

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Intended behaviour: Monkey King clones should de-aggro when units turn invisible and re-aggro onto other eligible targets.

Dev forum:

Video (Shadow Blade, Glimmer Cape, Shadow Amulet):

Video (Blur/Shadow Dance):

Video (Ninja Gear’s smoke spammed):

Video (Ninja Gear single usage):


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