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Shenlong, the Dragon of the East [Finish The Hero Contest]

Name: Shenlong, the Dragon of the East

Layman's Lore:

His a benevolent dragon, capable of giving miracles and god-like blessing to mortals. However as the years went by people have become more and more reliant to technology and it would seem as if magic is obsolete.

Shenlong persisted however where other dragons became primal animals or recede back into the celestial plane. Shenlong stayed, providing youth among the denizens of the wailing mountains. Serving as a guardian and provider. However Shenlong knows that he is needed elsewhere, where ever strife this world has, he will return the pride of the celestials and only in combat can he see this happening.

Shenlong, the Dragon of the East is a ranged intelligence hero capable of great rescues. Shenlong is about providing protection, escapes and support damage for his allies. He has the ability to lift up allies away from perilous situations or help them chase any fleeing heroes. Stuns and buffs permeate his skills giving him a unique position as the savior when allied positioning has been compromise.
A Chinese dragon with blue scales. he holds a crystal ball attacking similar to Lich.

Role: Nuker, Support, Lane Support, Escape
Intelligence: 25+ 2.5
Strength: 20 + 2
Agility : 13 + 1.2
Movement Speed: 290
Armor :
Damage at Level 1: 55-61
Attack Range: 520
Attack Time: 1.7

Q: Crystal Bolt, Unit Target

CD: 15 Mana: 125/135/145/155

Celestial Dragons like Shenlong is given immense magic power thanks to their great crystal balls.

Shenlong throws an ethereal bolt from his crystal dealing damage in an AOE. If the enemy has recently damaged any allied hero in the last 4 seconds they are stunned, the duration is based on how much damage is dealt capping at 3 seconds.

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Damage Type Magical
Damage 120/150/180/210
Min Stun Duration 0.5
Max Stun Duration 3
Max Damage Dealt for Max Stun Duration 650/600/550/500
AOE 300
Cast Range 500
Projectile Speed 1000


  • The stun duration is individual and is based on the enemy's damage dealt

W: Dragon's Oath, Vector Targeted

CD: 18/16/14/12 Mana: 120/130/140/150

Shenlong controls the weather and uses the wind with astonishing benign effect.

Shenlong becomes invincible as he hurls himself towards an AOE and knocks allies back. After a short delay the closest allied hero within range of your initial target area is lifted up into the air and moved in the direction of the Vector. While in the air, they may still make attacks, cast spells and have flying vision, but cannot move or use movement spells. Lifted allies are invulnerable.

Affects: Allies/Self
Dispellable? No
Knockback Distance 500
Travel Speed 1000
Lift Delay 2.5/2/1.5/1
Lift Duration 3/4/5/6
Lift Speed 450/500/550/600
Lift Search Radius 600
Initial AOE 450
Cast Range 500/550/600/650


  • Shenlong can lift himself if he is the only one in the immediate AOE

E: Dragon's Protection, No Target

CD:25/22/18/15 Mana: 90/100/110/120

Shenlong has given himself an immense responsibility as a protector.

Shenlong cracks his crystal ball which imbues himself and his allies bonus status resistance and movement speed in a radius around him.

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Dispellable? Strong
AOE 500
Status Resistance Bonus 16%/20%/24%/29%
Movement Speed Bonus 10%/14%/16%/18%
Bonus Duration 5


  • Lingers for 0.1

R: Dragon's Blessing, Point Target

CD: 90 Mana: 100/150/200

Celestial dragons gives them immense power which they can share to anyone who they deem as allies.

Shenlong readies up an image of himself, this image charges in a chosen direction which gives his blessings to any of his allies caught in the path. Said blessings include bonus damage, attack speed bonus and mana cost reduction. Tapping the ability causes the image to charge at a minimum distance, holding down the ability adds to the distance travelled with a max charge time of 2.5 before achieving it.

Cast Range Global
Min Distance Travelled 500
Max Distance Travelled 900/1000/1100
Bonus Damage 100/150/200
Bonus Attack Speed 50/100/150
Mana Cost Reduction 15%/20%/25%
Bonuses Duration 5/6/7
AOE 250

Aghanim's Scepter:

Grants a new ability: Torrential Downpour


Shenlong's control over water and weather is enough to restore soil back to it's nourished state

Shenlong causes rain to pour down in a 750 radius around him providing spell and health regen amplification to himself and allies.

Breakable? Yes
Spell Amplification Bonus 20%
Health Regen Amplification 30%

Aghanim's Shard:

Crystal Bolt: Crystal Bolt is provided with a bonus damage up to 300, this bonus is as well based on the enemy's damage dealt to allied heroes. Follows the same rules as the stun mechanic.


Level Left Right
25: +150 Damage Bonus Dragon's Oath Lifted Ally +1 Crystal Bolt Charge
20: +3 Seconds Dragon's Protection Duration -150 Damage for Crystal Bolt Max Stun
15: +2.5 Mana Regen -4 Crystal Bolt Cooldown
10: +6 strength +20 movement speed
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Author's Note:

So this is Shenlong, my entry for the complete the hero contest. The hero went on 2 other iteration before settling on this one. First it was an elementalist ala Aang and Korra whiles the second is a neuron star that uses cosmic abilities to be effective. I settled for Shenlong as an eastern dragon is yet to be added into the game although signs of it are already added, with immortals for Grimstroke and Monkey King already being added. Lore is very simple as I just want a benevolent dragon, whilst the gameplay is all about saves and disengage so basically an anti-initiator similar to Winter Wyvern.

Feedback is always welcome. Hope you enjoyed reading through it.


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