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SHINIKU KURAI SHINJO (Carrion Darkcreed), SUTAIJIN’ASASHIN (Stygian Assassin)

Content of the article: "SHINIKU KURAI SHINJO (Carrion Darkcreed), SUTAIJIN’ASASHIN (Stygian Assassin)"

SHINIKU KURAI SHINJO (Carrion Darkcreed)

SUTAIJIN'ASASHIN (Stygian Assassin)

SUMMARY:Carrion Darkcreed (Kurai Shinjo Shiniku), the Stygian Assassin (Sutijian'asashin), is an elusive agility hero notorious for being one of the most combo-intensive in the game. Capable of dishing out huge damage to a single target, he can outmaneuver his target and kill him with ease. He is played as a hard carry. His first ability is Chain Scythe, which he can switch to his scythe to deal physical damage from a long range. His second ability is Truncate, in which it has two separate abilities depends upon his equipped weapon, similar to Troll Warlord. When using his Chain Scythe, he throws his scythe into a direction where it latches onto someone’s neck and performs a cutthroat, dealing pure damage and silences the enemy hero for 5 seconds. When using his normal sword, he performs a dash and slash onto an enemy, dealing critical damage and makes the target bleed for 5 seconds. His third ability is Dark Succumb in which he dashes into a direction, leaving a temporary shadow that restrains the first enemy he encounters. His innate passive ability, Umbral Replica, makes every casted active spell leave a shadow that attacks nearby enemy units, which he can blink into using its active component. His ultimate is Shadow Avatar, which he turns into a half-shadow entity that causes enemy units to reduce their vision, while he becomes more lethal and mobile. With multiple mobility kits in his arsenal, he can make sure that he can kill his enemy in a blink of an eye.


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Health (Health Regen): 560 + 40 per Level (2.8 + 0.2 per Level)
Mana (Mana Regen): 292 + 19.2 per Level (1 + 0.08 per Level)
Armor: 6 + 0.42 per Level
Movement Speed: 320
Attack Damage (AD Value Range): 54 + 3 per Level (48-60)
Attack Range: 180
Base Attack Time: 1.4s
Attack Speed(Attack Time): 124 (1.12s)
Magic Resistance: 25%
Strength: 18 + 2 per Level
Agility: 24 + 3 per Level
Intelligence: 16 + 1.6 per Level


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