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Shuv, the one who is many


Shuv is the elemental of existence. he exists in everything that is. without him, there can‘t be any creation. but he himself is oblivious to his ability to be everything that could possibly ever exist and he cannot create anything himself. that‘s why when a part of him found a way not to be included in the creative process when the universe was formed, he could only take a form that was unthinkable and that had no singular existence, everchanging. so he spreads his essence throughout the universe with one goal: to find a form he can take, a place in creation, so he can finally fulfill his purpose and rest.

I envisioned this hero as an agi-carry with high durability and high map presence. he requires quite a lot of micro-management and risk taking, as a lot of his skills come with a sacrifice, but if used correctly, the pay off will be worth it.


Strength: 30 + 4 Agility (main): 20 + 5 Intelligence: 20 + 3

base-hp: 0 base-regen: 0 base-armor: 0 base-mana: 100 base-mana-regen: 2 base atk time: 1.5 base-dmg: 38-42 magic resistance: 25% movementspeed: 300 vision range: 1800/800 Attack range(melee): 200


Q: Divide and conquer

When selfcast, Shuv splits into two fully functional heroes. Both have only 50% of his base stats. These „hero-shards“ can cast all their abilities and get full use of the main heroes items. Shards only gain 50% exp and gold. (This can be done infinitely, so the shards will have 50/25/12.5/etc.% of the main hero‘s stats etc.)

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When cast on a „hero-shard“, the target reunites with the caster, combining their stats. the new unit will have the casters hp-%. the hero dies when all the shards are destroyed. if a shard is killed, it disappears and reunites with the biggest shard alive after 60/45/30/15 seconds.

Cast range: 200/400/600/800 Cd: 20/15/10/5.5s Mana cost: every shard loses mana for 10% of their intelligence per second. if a shard runs out of mana, it automatically reunites with the biggest shard currently alive.

W: Sacrificial hurl

Shuv grabs a part of himself and throws it at his enemies. this ability costs 20% of the casters current hp. point targeted. deals dmg based on the hp that were sacrificed in pure dmg (the spell goes through spell immunity).

Damage-multiplier: 1/1.2/1.4/1.6 Cast range: 200/300/400/500 Cd: 30/20/10/5 Mana cost: 80/90/100/110

E: Unstable essence (passive, toggle)

Shuv‘s essence is constantly changing its form and its properties. can be toggled between two different passives.

solid form: gains 10/20/30/40% magic and status resistance but is disarmed.

liquid form: gains 10/20/30/40% evasion and 15/30/45/60 attackspeed but applies a 25% movespeed slow.

cd: 5s mana cost: 60/40/20/0

Ultimate: Superspreader (toggle)

Shuv divides his essence into the smallest possible particles and lets them spread in an area around him. enemy units in this area take damage based on his base attackdamage. when the ability is toggled off, it heals the caster for 5/10/15% of the damage that was dealt while it was active. the heal is evenly applied over 6/4/2 seconds, during which the ability can‘t be toggled back on.

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damage interval: 1/0.75/0.5 seconds aoe: 350 hp-cost/s: 5% of max-hp mana cost to activate: 100 mana cost/s when active: 20


lvl10: – +3 mana regen – +10% lifesteal

lvl15: – reduces cooldown of „divide and conquer“ by 5 seconds. – „unstable essence“ no longer disarms or slows.

lvl20: – +35 movementspeed – reduces „unstable essence“ cooldown by 4 seconds.

lvl25: – superspreader damage counts as rightclicks (can apply attack-modifiers, procs and crit). – applies a basic dispel every time „unstable essence“ is toggled.

aghanims shard:

„sacrificial hurl“ now also slows the target for 5s for 25% (the slow also goes through spell immunity).

aghanims sceptre:

gives a new ability: „genetic beacon“ if a shard activates this ability, all shards (alive or dead) are instantly reunited into the complete hero at the location of the caster and for 5 seconds the positive effects of „unstable essence“ are doubled. cooldown: 150 seconds.

Disclaimer: I‘m aware that this hero would probably have a very high skill ceiling. So it might be completely OP if a highly skilled player gets his hands on it. therefore i found it hard to come up with numbers for the abilities that might be balanced. i think the way i wrote it, it would probably be way too strong and the numbers would have to be toned down a lot, but my goal was to choose numbers that showcase the scaling of the abilities more than the actual power.

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