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Signups for EU RD2L Season 22 are now open!

RD2L is kicking off its 22nd Season! This season runs from February to April(included), and signups ends 20:00 Friday 5th of February for SUN division and Monday 8th of February for WED division.

What is RD2L?

RD2L is a casual and competitive league for individual players (not teams) of all skill levels. It's a great way to experience organized and competitive Dota 2 without the heavy time commitments and scheduling uncertainty involved in forming a team for a typical league.

You can either sign up as a captain or a player. All players are placed in a draft pool from which captains will pick to form teams. You’ll likely be placed with a team of people you haven’t met before, and will have the chance to make new friends as you practice and play together over our 6 week season. Captains will be responsible for drafting their teams from the pool of players. After teams are drafted, they will play a 6 week group stage with a captains mode bo2 series each week, ending in a playoff for the top teams of each division. Playoffs are played as bo3.

Our Sunday division have players separated in divisions. Which means that high mmr players play with other high mmr players, and low mmr players play with other low mmr players. Our Wednesday division holds the diverse skill levels explained below.

Why Play RD2L?

  • Diverse Skill Levels! While the average MMR in RD2L is low 4k, we have players from 2k – 7k in the league. More experienced players can improve their team work, communication, and leadership skills while helping the lower MMR players improve their game skills.
  • Balanced matches. By drafting teams (similar to fantasy football), teams tend to be generally even in overall player skill. Also, regular season matchmaking pits teams with similar records against each other each week to avoid unbalanced matchups.
  • A great way to build a stack. Through inhouses and regular season matches, build a group of friends to stack and queue with. Teams made up of RD2L players regularly play in Battle Cups, AD2L, and Valve Event Qualifiers.
  • Develop your captaining and leadership skills. Whether you captain this season or are mentored by one, RD2L is a great place to improve at CM. Drafting, strategy, and team play are all much more important than your average ranked pub game.
  • Make new friends We have hundreds of players each season, which means that you’ll have a chance to meet people looking to have fun in a competitive setting like you. If you’re looking to meet more people to play Dota with this is a great league to get started in.
  • No Scheduling hassles In our league you sign up for a division that plays its games on the same night every week, you’ll know what night you need to play and won’t be scrambling to coordinate a match with your opponents.
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If this has caught your attention:

You can watch our Mini finals tonight at 20:00 CET(8:00 PM CET). These channels will be casting:

Division 1(avg mmr ~6000)

Division 2(avg mmr ~5000)

Division 3(avg mmr ~4300)

Division 4(avg mmr ~3700)

Signing up:

Captain and Player Sign-Ups: For full information on how to sign up and rule changes from our previous season, go to our discord

Captains get to draft players and run their team. If you wish to captain and this is your first season, you must have at least Ancient or above medal and you must be approved by an admin vouch.

Players sign up to be drafted into a team. To sign up as a player you must have played at least 500 games and have 250 wins. Your steam profile / dota stats must also be public to successfully sign up.

Sign-ups work on a first come first serve basis. The number of players we can support each season is limited by the number of captains that sign up, so being a captain is the best way to ensure you get a spot. (However, we typically ask for volunteers from returning players and previous captains if more are needed after sign-ups end, so don't feel pressure to sign-up as a captain.) If as a player you go undrafted, you can still be added to a team that needs you during the season as a Free Agent.

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Season 22 Schedule – Seen on our discord in #Calendar

If you're having signup issues, you can contact us directly on discord in either #serious-rd2l, #league-questions or write an admin a pm


When you sign up, you will choose a division for a day/time where you'll be regularly available. For the entire regular season, your matches will start at the same time on the same night of the week! For example, the CET-WED division plays every Wednesday on EU West servers at 20:00(8:00 PM) CET.

Divisions list:

Match Time Server Days
20:00(8:00 PM) CET EU West Sunday
20:00(8:00 PM) CET EU West Wednesday

You are allowed to sign up for both of the divisions if you wish to do so, since the playoffs are separate.


We also have an inhouse system, which produces around 2-5 games pr. day. There is an internal mmr system, so if you don't play pubs you can prove yourself to be higher value, than what your actual mmr says about you.


NA RD2L has separated but info about the sister league is found on their NA discord

If you have any questions, you can always send me a PM on Discord. Our discord is full of active and friendly community members that can help with any confusion.

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Thanks, we hope you enjoy the season.

~ Denden

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