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Sikrax, The Carapace Champion Bounty: Weight Lifters

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Sikrax, The Carapace Champion
The Nephropid a mythical marine race, only stories of them survived to this day. Unlike the Meranths or Slithereen, they are said more isolationist to the surface, reliant on them to even broker relations for their benefit and because of this, is less advanced. However tales of them are well known to the Meranths, especially of Sikrax. Tales varied, said to be an orphaned he was adopted by a local passerby and used as fighter when he got older, he was injured some years after and through the wreckages of ship redone his destroyed claw , only to find out it not just any kind of claw but one used by the Claddish Navy to subdue the Leviathan. Others says he was the son of a rich royal Nephropid and his claw was an invention by the Keens during a time when one of them rescued the royal's wife and offered the claw as gratitude. Whatever the story may have been Sikrax became their champions, battling other races and other said might have fought Poseidon himself. His whereabouts now are unknown, however several reports from Slithereen guards have seen someone with the same description coming to the surface, he may or may not be this thing but the mystery of why he must come to the surface – if indeed it was him – is mystery only he will ever know.

Sikrax, The Carapace Champion is a strength melee hero capable of dishing damage to anyone near him, Using his Claws he can yank enemies towards and him and use the power of the sea in order to whittle them down, while also being able to crush his enemy's armor. Finally tanking as him is made easy as he gains a shield capable of withstanding enemy attacks, magical or physical and can shred this protection for bonus spell damage if he so chooses.

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Role: Tank, Nuker
Strength: 325+ 2.3
Intelligence : 19 + 2
Agility : 14 + 1
Movement Speed: 290
Armor : 1
Damage at Level 1: 64-66
Attack Range: 150
Attack Time: 1.7


Q:Claw of the Deep, Target Point

CD: 15/14/13/12 Mana: 100/120/130/140

Sikrax's might be worse for ware now but its still capable of pulling enemies the size of whales.

Fires his mechanical claw in a direction yanking enemies towards his position and dealing damage if its an enemy.

Damage Type Physical
Damage 150/180/230/260
Pull Distance 400
Search Radius 100
Cast Range 600

W:Turbulent Whirlpool, No Target

CD: 15 Mana: 90/100/110/120

Sikrax's magic is capable of unleashing whirlpools wherever, whenever

Summons a Whirlpool which deals damage per second in an area and reducing movement speed

Damage Type Physical
Damage Per Second 65/95/120/150
Movement Speed Reduction 14%/20%/24%/35%
Effect Radius 250
Duration 6

E: Crushing Claw, Passive

CD: 7/6/5/4

Even his natural claw is tough enough to break any types of armor

Every now and then Sikrax's claws are imbued with energy causing his attack to be given bonus damage while also reducing his enemy's armor by half. This has true strike

Damage Type Physical
Bonus Damage 60/80/100/120
Armor Reduction 50%
Reduction Duration 4

R: Stoic Carapace, Passive | No Target

CD: 30 Mana: 140

The carapace of Nephropids are said to be the reason why the Meranths now favor cudgels than spears or swords.

Passively gives Sikrax a shield serving as bonus HP, the ability can be activated transforming the shield into Spell Amplification

Shield HP 500/600/700
Amplification per 19 Shield HP 0.5%/1.1%/1.5%
Amplification Duration 8
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Level Left Right
25: +400 Shield HP Stoic Carapace +2 Claw of the Deep Multishot
20: +100 Damage Crushing Claw +4 Seconds Crushing Claw Reduction
15: +100 Turbulent Whirpool Movement Speed +30 Attack Speed
10: +20 Movement Speed +100 Cast Range

Author's Note: Its an entry to one of the bounty ones and has been stuck in idea hell. The hero itself is based on a gameplay I have as Juggernaut in an ability draft game when I picked both Blade Fury and Meat Hook, but added some flavors myself to make it cohesive. I just love the idea of yanking an enemy instead of a full pull or something as well as a beyblade sort of hero not too dissimilar to Bristleback and Juggernaut


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