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Sixty games of offlane starting from Crusader 5

This is going to be a post. If you don't like long posts, I'm sure you'll back out real quick. It's 79% of Crusader 5.

Okay, so I got to Archon 1 last season from about two to three years of being somewhere in the 1,600s in terms of MMR . So I'm dogshit and I want you all to know that. So I've primarily played support in that time, and I amassed 60 role queue "spares" so I thought I'd complement my immense amount of time playing unranked offlane and 4-position, by using up every role queue token in playing offlane ranked. As a bit of info, I'm going to document each game, and you can all see how dogshit I am at the game. By the way, I have a sick, perverted obsession with Radiance+Shroud so I apologise in advance. The plan is to play each role of 60 games so I can try to understand the game of DotA better.

Alright, first game:


Bristleback obviously, I feel like the game was already over in the draft, as we had virtually no damage, the supports felt really garbage and my game felt okay until the Troll Silver Edge where I just started to melt. I went Halberd to try and counteract the Silver Edge, but it just felt like the enemy team massively outleveled us, outfarmed us, and I have to say that I don't love mid Necrophos, and I love Battle Fury Bloodseeker ever so slightly less than that.

I didn't join a lot of fights – I have been running with the BSJ "keep the enemy safelane tower pressured as much as possible" and I'm sticking with that strategy until I find something that works better. I just felt the game was unwinnable, 56 minutes and no cores had BKB, I tried but I feel like I wasn't skilled enough or had enough in-game utility/tankiness to compensate for how far behind we were. If anyone intends to glance over the game and see if I did anything wrong, I'm happy to hear them out. Naturally, I'm more interested in the opinions of Legend level and up players, since getting advice from people at the same level or lower level just isn't what I'm looking for and is unlikely to help.

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I'm surprised that my behaviour score just tipped over again at 10,000 because I've been raging a bit if I'm brutally honest with myself. I said in the draft "pls don't pick 4 Bristle" and he picked it and I cried inside. I was mad from basically minute zero, and it felt like the Bristle griefed me pretty hard. I also cried because mid Lion. My exact words in allied chat were "mid Lion and 4 Bristle. Fuck me" and I can't emphasise that enough. I had a couple of early deaths from the tri-lane with Tiny, and he roamed on me a couple times which wasn't easy to deal with. I didn't ward for myself enough and I feel like the early top tower loss was really bad because Ursa naturally wants to get Roshan.

I didn't go small items after Hood, which I think in hindsight better players would've punished, but these guys didn't and I guess I'll learn that as I go up in skill . I went Radiance after the Hood, into Shroud, Halberd for the Ursa and just tried really hard to keep the lanes depushed so that my Anti-Mage – who felt like an okay player all told – could split the map and relieve pressure himself.

Yeah, I feel like I went greedy, they didn't push their advantage enough, and I felt like there was enough space for some reason to get a Radiance and ulti at key times . Magnus had quite a few good RPs but I guess Omni being so short range, it was probably a given at least some of the time. I ate a lot of damage, I tried to save allies and keep myself alive as much as possible, and I thought they just threw the game more than we actually won it.

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It was a bit farcical in the end and they were just buying back into deaths and I couldn't believe we'd won with a mid Lion and a 4-position Bristle that ended up with an AC. Man, DotA is weird.


I feel like between the Arc Warden pick and the PA, they had a shit-ton of damage which was only going to get stronger as the game progressed. I think I ultied really badly on Underlord quite a few times and didn't press my advantage over the PA enough in the laning stage. Additionally, I think a last-pick CK versus an Arc Warden already seen in the pick order is really bad; Arc is two heroes in one, and he's huge amounts of waveclear and damage. CK is all single target, he doesn't do shit to clear waves and I just think the game was going to be lost if we didn't steamroll in the first 25 minutes, and we didn't steamroll. I was shit, and the picks were just as bad.


If we're talking about bad picks, then I think Bristle wasn't a good pick here. Lich is teamfight damage but no initiation, Sniper had shadowed Sniper for a while already, and Nyx is okay at followup but he doesn't really initiate teamfights, more ganks really. So I picked a dogshit hero given the situation in my opinion, and although I think I played it okay, I didn't fight as much as I could have, and I thought I was making space for the Troll, but looking at the numbers… maybe not? I don't like what happened in that game, and I don't think Bristle was the right hero for the game.


I feel like the Puck pick was really good because this player rotated often, kept waves pushed out, initiated fights and all I had to really do was push W a lot and turn around when I got hit. You know, Bristle things. I feel like the game is a lot harder without intiation, so I think in future I won't pick this hero unless I have a 2 or 4-position hero that has a way of reliably starting a teamfight. Don't get me wrong, I think I played okay, and my GPM/XPM feels pretty good, but I think the Puck was really good this game and made a lot of really good plays. I refuse to take credit for the victory there.

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So that was day one: 2 wins, 3 losses, learned a lot I feel. Down to 60% of Crusader 5 and feeling pretty upbeat about why I lost the games I lost, and what I can do to learn from that.


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